Thursday, September 27, 2007

The "Art" of Painting

Cabin In the Mountains (and early painting in my journey) When I began this blog (8/07) I stated that I took a watercolor class from the Art Academy of Cincinnati's Community classes. I signed up for class because I wanted to learn the "mysteries" of watercolor. I say mysteries because it was not offered at the university that I got my Art Education degree. Furthermore, when I read in art magazines or books, they made watercolor sound like the hardest of all mediums. I felt that only a few artist could achieve this medium especially if they used the "wet on wet" technique. Of course this is what all these artist in the magazines were doing. I wanted to try that. So on my first day of class I was nervous. Here I was, a student of oil and acrylics, entering the unknown! How silly I was to have thought that watercolor was so different. Yes, you paint light to dark, which is the opposite of my background. However, it is still painting! I still needed to use the principals of design, mix colors, use brush strokes, yada, yada, yada. What I learned was that no matter what medium I use there will always be "mysteries" to unfold through the different techniques and I will always be learning about the "Art" of painting. Gaylynn

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