Friday, September 14, 2007

Deconstruct a blog

Alyson Stanfield (, on Monday's weekly Art Marketing Action Newsletter, she talked about deconstructing a blog to help create your own blog. Alyson said, "Do you want to know what makes a good artists blog good?...To find your answers, all you need to do is deconstruct one." Being new to posting I thought I would take her challenge using my list of favorites (listed on the right). Armed with Alyson's questions I began my research. Going through my list of eight I discovered that all do not use bells and whistles on their blog. They only use a simple format. Five have a colored background and three are white. Most posted six or more times a week with the average of two to three paragraphs. Six out of the eight post a painting daily and they sell on ebay. Two review books. Five are represented by one or more galleries and five talked about their family/daily life as well as their art. All had links either to their websites, other blogs, galleries, ebay, favorite bloggers/websites and informative sites. I could summarize that I learned through this exercise about how these artist use organization and marketing skills with their art and families so they can get on with their need to create. Although none of my eight raise debates or are controversial they do teach me something just by posting. Some are funny and some are straight forward, but all are informative in the process of art. Next time I will tell more about each artist. Gaylynn

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Alyson B. Stanfield said...

Neat, Gaylynn! I haven't read of others going through the exercise. I hope it helps guide you. It's always fruitful to dissect things, I believe.

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