Saturday, September 22, 2007

Frustrating Week

I have not been able to blog since Monday. I got the brilliant(?) idea to get a gmail account to go with this blog. Doing so locked me up. It has taken me since the 18th to go through every "help" item on Blogger. I tried to send email's to the support tech (which was no support). Finally tonight I went down each question whether it pertained to my problem or not. The problem was that it would not let me log in. It kept telling me that my username was invalid. Even trying to "claim your old account" did not work. What finally worked was resetting my password. Something that never ever came up as the problem when trying to log in. I can not begin to explain how frustrated I have been. Especially since I am VERY computer illiterate. So not having some way to communicate with blogger/google was enough to give up this process all together. Hopefully I can move forward now. I also saw a hand specialist this week due to my right hand being in pain. I do daycare in my home during the week. It seems my babies are chunks and I have strained the tendon from my thumb and up my arm. I thought it was my carpal tunnel acting up. So the good doc gave me a shot and a splint to wear for awhile. Even tho I can not lift babies I can lift my paint brush :-) I am still working on Crowing For America and hope to get it finished soon. Gaylynn


Kelly S. Gabriel said...

Your up and running again. I'm impressed with your trouble shooting. I don't think you can classify yourself as computer illiterate anymore.

Crowing For America is looking good.

So proud of you!

mullins66 said...

I agree you are not illiterate anymore. When you have a problem, just take a deep breathe or walk away for awhile. It will all come together. Besides, you can always call for help!

By the way, love the painting.

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