Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bobbing For Apples

"Bobbing For Apples" 8 X 10 watercolor Happy Halloween! I made my deadline, wa hoo! I think I like having this goal of a painting a month. It makes me focus. Routines, for me, are hard to establish and maintain. I am such a procrastinator. :-) For the most part I like the painting. As I stated on the last post, I have trouble keeping soft features on children. However, I think I got the feeling of the activity across. I added a new blog to my favorites to check out. It is my sisters blog. Lori likes to sew and is enjoying raising her kids. She can put monograms and logos on items, create blankets, purses, etc... Her blog is just getting started. Gaylynn

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I have one day left to finish the child bobbing for apples. I think I will it finished for tomorrows posting. I am fussing over the child's face that is watching. Faces are not my strong suit. At least I do not think so. They intimidate me. That is why I usually choose people/children that are always looking the opposite direction of the viewer. Children are so hard to keep their faces soft. Adults are not as hard... however, I do fuss if the likeness is not there to me. In the future, I will need to work on this fear. Gaylynn

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Thanks Mom

"Rosemary's Orchid" 9 X 12 Watercolor (and early painting in my WC journey) I received this book called "Love Notes to Our Moms and Other Women of Influence" handed out at Walmart by the organization Speaking For Women's Health Foundation. A national organization that was founded in Cincinnati by Diane Dunkelman ( This book is filled with "notes" to or about moms, grandmother's or friends that influenced and help shape the influential women featured in the book. So this book made me think about thanking my mom when it comes to shaping my artistic talents. I turned 50 in July. Therefore, I grew up when schools did not have an understanding of a student that daydreamed and was slow in understanding their lessons. My mom noticed that I loved to draw. When I was 12 she enrolled me in an oil painting class at a local art gallery. That was the beginning of my self esteem, grades and artistic abilities improving. All because my mom looked beyond my poor grades and saw my drawing abilities. She encouraged my artistic abilities by taking me to my painting classes which in turn made me feel special and want to keep painting. Thanks Carol (and Norm) for your support in my art! Gaylynn

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bobbing for apples

WIP 8 X 10 Watercolor I have begun my October painting after a slow start. I chose a child bobbing for apples to go with the fall, even though it has been in the 80's most of the month. Making the tub look like there is water in it has been giving me pause. As you can see I have been working everywhere but there. :-) Gaylynn

Saturday, October 13, 2007


Today I went to a Woman's Art Club of Cincinnati meeting. This woman's organization has been going since 1892. The organization is 200 members strong. Today they met at the Pendleton Arts Center. This is the first and largest building turned into artist studios in Cincinnati. The Pendleton Arts Center has a Final Friday each month showing all the artists in the buildings works. The meeting went over their funds and projects, like all organizations, then they had a speaker. The speaker was a member, Velma Morris. Velma works in acrylic and showed the group how to take a dud painting and create another painting on top and letting some of the bottom painting show through. Velma began drawing with her paint brush on the canvas from a picture of a lady that she took. In approximately an hour she had a painting on its way. It is always fun to watch a painting come to life. As we watched her work out the values, we learned that you never throw a dud away because you can turn it into something else. Not only did my friends, Dodie and Sharon, and I enjoy the speaker, we were treated very welcoming by the membership. One of the members was my drawing teacher, Marleene Steele, from the Community classes at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. I learned so much from her. I think I might consider joining in the future so that I may mingle with other women artist each month. If I join there is a yearly fee. I would have to attend meetings for one year before I can submit 4 works so as to be juried into the club. During that year I would be allowed to participate in the meetings and show work in the members show. Once juried in this allows an "active" member to obtain an office or chair a committee, show at the Pendleton studio and soon at the Woman's Art Center (in Mariemont) and enter any of the shows that the club puts on for active members. The Barn is the new Culture Art Center in Mariemont. The organization is presently renovating the building with the hopes of opening it to the public in the spring of 2008. The organization hopes to offer classes for art and dance, studio and/or office space. More information about The Barn can be seen on the clubs website or their blog. ( or I most certainly will try to go to the November meeting which will be at a enameling museum in Northern Kentucky. Camaraderie and informative...sounds like fun! Gaylynn

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Painting Done

"Crowing About America" Watercolor 9 X 12 Although by posting tonight it seems that I did not make my deadline of a painting a month. I really did make it. I finished on the 29th. However, I have to say that yet again I have been kept from getting on line. This time by the cable company that we use. My husband and they have come to terms so hopefully this will be the last bug in my ointment. :-) I am happy with my painting for the most part. I like the atmosphere of Americana that comes across with the flag, the chicken, and the warm colors. Gaylynn
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