Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Thanks Mom

"Rosemary's Orchid" 9 X 12 Watercolor (and early painting in my WC journey) I received this book called "Love Notes to Our Moms and Other Women of Influence" handed out at Walmart by the organization Speaking For Women's Health Foundation. A national organization that was founded in Cincinnati by Diane Dunkelman (www.speakingforwomenshealth.com). This book is filled with "notes" to or about moms, grandmother's or friends that influenced and help shape the influential women featured in the book. So this book made me think about thanking my mom when it comes to shaping my artistic talents. I turned 50 in July. Therefore, I grew up when schools did not have an understanding of a student that daydreamed and was slow in understanding their lessons. My mom noticed that I loved to draw. When I was 12 she enrolled me in an oil painting class at a local art gallery. That was the beginning of my self esteem, grades and artistic abilities improving. All because my mom looked beyond my poor grades and saw my drawing abilities. She encouraged my artistic abilities by taking me to my painting classes which in turn made me feel special and want to keep painting. Thanks Carol (and Norm) for your support in my art! Gaylynn

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