Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

As we count down to watch the ball drop, I remember 23 years ago when I went into labor with my 2nd daughter. She was a week late for which I was happy. She was to be a Christmas Eve baby, but choose to come into the world around 2am on New Years day. We tell the story of how when we met with our tax preparer in February and told her our joyous news all she could say was, "Why didn't you get her birth certificate made out in California? Now you lost your write off!" Happy New Year to All! May 2009 be productive and prosperous for everyone. Gaylynn

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas To All!

On this rainy Christmas Eve day, I would like to thank all who have supported and touched me this past year. Thank you to all my family, you are my cheering section that I truly appreciate. I love you very much. To my Interns and fellow colleagues, fore you keep me laughing daily. I am truly grateful that I found this job. To my painting buddies, your friendship and support keeps me painting. To my BFF's, I love you all. May everyone have a wonderful Christmas. Happy Holidays Gaylynn

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Art Shows

I spent yesterday with a friend attending an art show and a arts and crafts show. We went to both shows to support two artist I know. I am sorry that I forgot my camera. The first show was this groups 6th annual show. They have a loyal turnout each year and the work is exquisite, however, this group is high end. All pieces are very much worth the price. I am not sure that they got to many takers in this economy. This makes me very sad for them. There was a potter, two types of fabric art, jewelry, printmaking paintings (my friends art), homemade paper paintings, collage/paintings and edibles. Next was the arts and crafts show. This was sponsored by a high school band as a fundraiser. This show had some high end items in jewelry (my other friends art), knitted items, potters and a few painters. The rest was crafts like giant suckers and snowmen to place in your yard for the holidays; glass block presents or snowmen that light up; handmade cards, notebooks, photo albums, journals...; wood turned bowls and ink pens; edibles; purses, etc... The $30 or less items were being snatched up, but not at a fever pace. We had a great time supporting my friends and seeing how others create. So the story I took from this day was... if you are going to set up a booth you need items in all price ranges to be able to at least pay for your space. You have to be able to appeal to the customers, as well as, the economy that dictates if the customer has pennies to spare. Gaylynn

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tall Drink of Water

I spent last night with my husband and friends at the Alan Jackson concert. If you knew me you would know that I am not necessarily a fan of any one type of music, musician, or singer. However, 18 years ago my husband started talking about an up and coming artist who he really liked. So I got tickets to Alan Jackson's concert for his birthday. I was hooked after that night. Not only did I enjoy his songs, but I thought he was handsome. Therefore, I nicknamed him "my tall drink of water". Here I am the only person in the family that only buys Christmas CD's (tapes then), because I did not like to spend money on something you can hear on the radio. I have bought every thing he has released. At first it was for my hubby as well as me. Now it is more me then him. I enjoy Alan Jackson's sound, his words and his humor in his songs. When our youngest was 4 or 5 she could sing "Chattahoochee" verbatim. I got such a kick hearing her sing, "stacking up cans in the pale moonlight." Maybe that is another reason why I follow this mans work ;-) the memory always makes me smile. So don't mind me as I am still humming his songs today. Gaylynn

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Back to High School

Today I was invited up to our high school to speak to the advance art class about watercolor. The students wanted to know how to correct some of their paintings. Like all beginners to watercolor they are impatient to get the painting done. I showed them how to pull the paint off and talked about how they had to be careful not to create blossoms or streaks. I brought along a painting that I was about to begin to work on. I showed my preliminary drawing and talked about how watercolor is painted light to dark thus leaving the white of the paper. How I was laying a yellow wash to help give the object a glow when I begin to put down the color. I hope I was helpful to them. However, like most teenagers they were ready to move on to the next project. :-) Gaylynn

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Children In American Art

I went to the Dayton Art Institute today to see their exhibit "Children in American Art". Boston Museum of Fine Art loaned 46 paintings to create this exhibit of children in the 18th and 19th century. There were paintings by American artist such as: John Singleton Copley, Gilbert Stuart, Frank Weston Benson, James McNeill Whistler, Winslow Homer, Mary Cassatt, and John Singer Sargent plus a few others. My mom, my friends and I enjoyed the exhibit very much. It was interesting to see the different interpretations and painting styles from those eras. In some of the earlier works (ie. 18th century) the children looked older then they were. I know how hard it is to make a baby or young child look their age, but a few of these portraits were harsh or the heads were too large with lots of large shoulders. Yet, they painted with meticulous detail on the lace of the hats and clothes, fringe on curtains, the carpeting design and objects around the children. Being a Sargent and Cassatt fan, I was not disappointed with the entries represented. DAI also had a nice little video on Mary Cassatt. I was also impressed with the two Frank W. Benson's. I really liked the one of a girl in a white dress. As always with this era, I am blown away with the way materials are painted. You just feel the satin, ribbons, lace and velour with your eyes. As with the little girl in the white dress, I felt like I could feel her deep brown tights as their thickness contrasted with her cotton white dress. This exhibit is well done and I hope anyone in the southwest Ohio/Tri-state area takes the time to see this exhibit before it ends January 4, 2009.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


As I told you in my last post, I entered our local exhibition, Java, Jazz n' Art. I was excited to participate because John Ruthven was the judge ( I thought that a nationally known artist judging my paintings would be so cool. Little did I dream that he would take notice of my work. But, notice he did and I won "Best of Show" for the river theme category as my watercolor, "Two Men and and a Barge" was chosen. I have to admit that my emotions have been on a high for the past 24 hours. I am grateful, surprised, honored, and humbled all at the same time. This is my first time to win an award and technically my first sale. WOW is all I can say. There were around 43 artists (professional, hobbyists and high school) with 11o paintings entered. We entered our work into categories of either River theme or an Open theme. Along with paintings in many mediums, there were mosaics, pottery, fabric art, mixed media and painted furniture. All these pieces were displayed among four businesses. The day's weather was perfect as was the walk to view all these exquisite examples of art in our corner of Ohio. The last stop was our new gallery, Freedom House Gallery, where many of their commissioned artists participated. The other "Best of Show" winner for the Open Category, Ann Geise, is a member here. Ann's entry "Rocky Run" is to the right. As people strolled our village and enjoyed the exhibition they saw the village of New Richmond's shops, restaurants, galleries and listened to music in the park. For the committee that organized this event, they did an awesome job and could not have had a better day for all the patrons that visited. My "Art Buddies" from the Legendary Art Group, Sharon Leonard and Dodie Loewe, were also in the show. I was so proud of their entries in the exhibition and I am a huge admirer of their work. Dodie also was on the committee that planned and produced this event. Another person I admire is Mary Mark. She too was on the committee and entered work in the exhibit. Below from left to right is Sharon Leonard, Dodie Loewe and Mary Mark's entries. I was in good company :-) Gaylynn

Monday, October 6, 2008

Back from the framers

I got the painting in my last post back from the framers. She did an awesome job. So it is ready to be entered in the exhibition for this weekend. While at my framer (Frame of Mind in New Richmond) we talked about the exhibition. I wanted to know how many of those participating were professional artist, i.e. they have sold their work. I think I and the high school students are the only ones who have not. So my excitement to be among the professionals and to be judged by renowned wildlife artist, John Rutheven ( I am humbled and honored. Friday evening is the opening reception and distribution of prizes. The paintings (in all media) and photography will be shown through out several businesses. The exhibition is open to the public on Saturday only. This is the first time that the village has put on an art exhibition. And, yes it will help bring business to the village. Hopefully, it will help those in the exhibit too. I will tell you all about the exhibition next time. Gaylynn

Friday, September 26, 2008

I see the light!

watercolor 16 5/8 x 13 Our electric came back on around 7:30pm on Sept. 22nd. We were so excited! I got dishes done and laundry started that evening. I was salivating at the thought of a warm shower the next morning. And I was not disappointed :-) Above is the painting I finished while the electric was out. I took my easel out on my deck and used the overcast daylight. I so much enjoyed painting outside. With school out I got eight hours in over two days. It is now at the framers. I am entering it in a exhibition in my village called "Java, Jazz 'n Art" on October 10th. There will be approximately 36 artist from the county and local high school entering the exhibition. These artist have entered 75 -80 pieces total in the exhibition. There will be prizes awarded for the theme of "the river" and an "open to any subject" theme. The juror is the renowned artist John Rutheven. I think this is way cool! The paintings will be displayed throughout 6 shops along the villages main street called Front street. The exhibition will be for only one day. I am excited to have entered this first time event. I am also hopeful that it will be successful and becomes an annual event. I will keep you posted. Meanwhile, I am trying to decide on a name for this painting. If you think of titles let me know. Gaylynn

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hurricane Ike!!!!

Sunday, hurricane Ike came through the Cincinnati area. All we got was 70+mph winds for 5 hours and no rain. We lost power around 2:30pm and we are still waiting for power. I am at my daughters home taking advantage that she has her electric back already. A shower felt wonderful! The energy company is trying its best but with 700,000 homes and businesses went down on Sunday it will take them up to a week to fix things. They put police, fire, hospitals and rest homes up and running first. So homes around these places are reaping the benefits. Schools are next. However, as I sit here this Tuesday evening, I think we will be off again tomorrow. The good news about this inconveince is that I set up my easel outside and have finished the painting that I have been working on. I will post it as soon as I get my own computer up and running. Until then we will keep camping out in our home and enjoy the beautiful weather that Ike brought. Gaylynn

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Job and art

In my job, I have now put in three full weeks with our "interns". We decided to call them interns because they know they have graduated high school. So by calling them interns they feel like they are moving to their next step in life. A few of our interns are ready to go out and be placed in a job. The teachers are hoping to achieve that by the end of the month. So many things go into preparing them. Most things that we take for granted. An artist friend of mine got a job this week. She had been looking since spring. So like me she is glad to have insurance. We are more hobbyist then full time artist. We are ok with moving at our present pace with our art. Having said that I am sad that another artist friend went back to work because her husband was laid off and the economy has cooled on her fantastic printmaking/paintings ( I have not made money with my paintings like she has. I would guess how frustrating it is for her to have several part time jobs that leave little to no time to create. My wish for her is that things get better so she can go back to her love of color. As for my present painting. I am pushing to finish by the 21st so I have time to get it framed for the Oct. 11th exhibition. My mom picked up my paintings from the Miamisburg Art Guild Exhibition. While doing so my mom had a conversation with one of the MAG members. Patsy Weidner is a very talented artist. I spoke of her work and winning 2nd place for her pastel portrait. When I was about 13, I had sat for a portrait class at the MAG. Patsy still has the painting that she painted of me. Through my mom she has offered the painting to me. I will deffinatly be calling her with a very happy and humbled yes. I have two other paintings from that class. It is fun to see each artists interpretation of me. When I obtain this piece I will have to post all three. One last thought...again we have had a devastating hurricane hit our country. My prayers are with the many who road the storm out, their rescuers, and for the many volunteers that will help Texas in the aftermath of this storm. Gaylynn

Monday, September 1, 2008

One Year

As I write this blog, it is Labor Day and we all are watching New Orleans being hit by another hurricane. While most of the country is enjoying a day off and picnics, this city and surrounding areas are displaced and waiting out the storm. Our prayers go out to them. I have been writing on this blog for a year now. My original goal was to use this journal to make me accountable to paint a painting each month, report on art exhibitions I went to or show in, report on museum trips and life in general. I have to say that I started off well then the holidays happened. I got behind and never got back on track. I did post off and on, but no painting did I begin until late spring. That painting was "Victory Bath" that made it in the Miamisburg Art Guild's 6th Exhibiton. I do have another painting in the works in hopes of completing soon for a show in early October. After reflecting on those beginning goals, I know they were not attainable. I am just not very good at commitment to myself. There I said it. I am great at making plans, lists, etc. I am not good at following through on things for myself. I let chores, job and fun with family and friends more important than going to my studio space and getting to work on my art. By stating that, I guess you could say I do not know how to balance all the "stuff" in my life. So, I will begin this next year by working on me. Lord willing I will get better at putting me and my art first. Gaylynn

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Job

I got a new job two weeks ago. I have been hired by our County Board of Education to be an aide for a new program. This program is for persons with special needs ages 18-22. Our job is to bridge the gap for them between high school and moving to a group home or a job or both. The program is so new that we had only one week to order supplies and putting a curriculum together. Our job is to teach them how to take care of an apartment and their needs like cooking, laundry, money and how to function at a job. Social skills also are to be taught because most of them have the capacity of a 7-10 yr. old. and some are shy. I must say that it has been exciting and exhausting all at the same time. I feel that this new chapter in my life will be rewarding. Because of my new job, I have only worked a couple of days on my present painting. I have one month to finish and frame for a exhibition in October in my home town. It will be their first exhibition and will feature artist that are professional, hobbyist and students. The show, called Java, Jazz and Art, will be a very short exhibition of three days. The judge is Master Wildlife Artist, John A. Ruthven. So I feel it is an honor to be able to show my paintings in this new venue. The exhibition has two themed categories. Open theme and a river theme because we are a river town. This is different from other exhibits that I have entered. Usually categories are broken down by medium with 1st, 2nd, 3rd and honorable mention prizes for each. This exhibition will have one large prize per theme, a memorial award, 2 excellence awards and 2 student awards. So all mediums will be competing against each other for 7 awards. So truly it will be an honor to get into this exhibit. I will post my painting once completed and report all about the exhibit in October. Gaylynn

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Miamisburg Annual Art Exhibition

Victory Bath Watercolor 11 X 14 I Found It! Watercolor 11 X 14 I entered these two paintings in Miamisburg Art Gallery's Annual Art Exhibition and both were accepted! This exhibition is special to me because I was taught at this gallery by Gene Woods (original owner/director/instructor) and Dorthy Peterson (instructor) all those years ago. I was 12 when I took my first oil painting class. I thank the judge, M. Todd Muskopf ( for placing me in the exhibition. The exhibition opened today. There were many excellent paintings. I really liked a pastel by Patsy Weidner. She was lucky to receive a second place ribbon for her portrait of John. Another stand out to me was of a polar bear in colored pencil. He looked so cuddly. Another excellent piece was from Deb Ward. Actually she had two, one won a second place ribbon and the other I was lucky enough to have my painting, I Found It!, next to. Here is a picture of Deb in front of her winning painting. My sister, Nannette, and I were discussing Deb Ward's painting when she walked up to place her ribbon on it. I introduced myself because I admire her work and read her blog. I really enjoyed meeting her and her friend. I plan to keep reading her blog and enjoying her work. Check out Deb Wards art through my links on the right. Her lace series is fantastic! And thanks Nannette for attending with me. Gaylynn

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Back from Florida

I went to Florida over President's Weekend. My parents live in Apopka (north of Orlando) during the winter months. So for the second year I went down to visit. While in Apopka I visited Terry L. West's exhibit at the Apopka City Hall. The painting to the left is one of her paintings. I found out that she was having this exhibit on her blog, Epiphany Art - Art By "The Epiphany Artist" TM. My parents and I began a day going to see different exhibits. We started with Terry's exhibit. Terry was featured prominently in the atrium connecting the court and the Mayors Office/ City Council Chambers. The paintings are featured on her website just as I experienced them except the pear. That is why I chose to feature it here. I also chose it because it was very different from the landscapes. I really liked the colors and the frame she choose. Along with Terry's impressionistic landscape paintings were many other pieces that are on permanent display. The receptionist told us that the city buys a piece of artwork from local artist every year at their annual art show. I was impressed with the support that Apopka gave to their community of artists. They did not stop their with their support. We then went across the street to the Apopka historical museum. Here they had not only the history of the Apopka Indians that lived in the area, they had the history of the town and its settlement and growth. They even had a wall of fame. Here they featured celebrities (a pro football player, country singer, etc.) that grew up in Apopka. It was nice to see their enthusiasm for their town. From there we went downtown Orlando to find some galleries. We watched a glass artist making a vase. It was extremely hot, but very fascinating to watch. Saw some nice paintings and installation art at a gallery district that Orlando is trying to get going. I missed by one week an exhibit at the Orlando museum featuring Norman Rockwell's paintings and sketches. I saw the beach at New Smyrna, as well as, a manatee (because the others were already gone) at a park on the Johns River. The rest of the weekend was visiting my Aunts, Uncle and cousins that live in the area/state. It was nice seeing them and catching up. I have not seen two of my cousins since my sister got married 22 years ago. Other then marriages and/or kids, we are the same people. :-) The weather was fabulous this year. Like last year, it was 20 degrees in Cincinnati. Unlike last year, where I took off right after a snow storm and 6 inches on the ground only to land in Orlando and they were having a cold snap, i.e. high 40's to low 50's while my daughter and I visited. This year it was mid 70's and I even saw 80 one day! I could really get used to that. Coming back to snow and ice all this past week made me yearn for the warmth I had just left. Ahh, there is next year. Gaylynn

Thursday, January 17, 2008

In Monet's Garden, Columbus Museum, Ohio

Let me begin by saying how sorry I am for going this long without journaling. I have no real excuses so I will not offer any. I do apologize to Ms. Leland, who so graciously left me a comment on my last posting, that I have not followed up in a timely manor for this project. I have done the first exercise on color in her book and I am in the middle of another. I will try to get a picture and post on that later. Today, I want to talk about the exhibit at the Columbus Museum called In Monet's Garden: The Lure of Giverny. When I looked the exhibit up on-line I was excited to see that the works were from Musee Marmottan in Paris. I had been to the museum in 2005 and absolutely fell in love with the many Monet's in this home turned museum. They display his painting that the Impressionist movement was named for, as well as, paintings that he painted until his death. This museum, the Musee Orangerie (where his largest paintings of water lillies called Les Nympheas) and the Musee de Orsay is where all of Monet's paintings are displayed in Paris. So my friends and I headed for Columbus filled with anticipation of seeing some of these paintings again. Columbus Museum does a wonderful job in their presentations. They sometimes find a connection between the artist and the museum and/or the city of Columbus and put that connection into the exhibit. The connection for this exhibit was Theodore Butler. Butler was an American artist who traveled from Columbus to Giverny and painted on the fringes of Monet's home and his garden. Giverny became an unofficial artist colony in homage to Monet. Monet let a few into his inner circle, but did not officially mentor/teach any of the artist. Monet had a step daughter that took a liking to Butler. Monet usually sent the artist packing if they got too close to his daughters, but he let Butler in and allowed them to wed because he came from money. So the show is sprinkled with Butler and others from the unofficial artist colony. The exhibit also had some modern artist , such as Yeardly Leonard, showing the influence of Monet in their modern paintings. Which I have to say, and I do not want to offend anyone, this is not my preference of style. I did not see any connection of their work to Monet. Not even in Monet's pallette. So it is up for debate as most modern works are. The Monet's that were sent were mostly from his last years of life. As special as these works were, it was hard to view them in the show space that the Museum had. Monet's (especially his later pieces) are meant to be seen from 10 or more feet and unobstructed views to be able to see the shapes and forms that Monet was trying to capture. Of course, the obstructions were mostly the many people also there to see the exhibit. However, it was also the small space in which the paintings were placed that made it hard to back up and see them properly. I have to say that as disappointing as this was I am lucky to have seen them in there proper home the way they were meant to be viewed. The show ends this Sunday and I am not sure that it travels to another sight. However, I am glad, as always, to have seen this exhibit. I always enjoy Monet's work. Gaylynn
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