Sunday, February 24, 2008

Back from Florida

I went to Florida over President's Weekend. My parents live in Apopka (north of Orlando) during the winter months. So for the second year I went down to visit. While in Apopka I visited Terry L. West's exhibit at the Apopka City Hall. The painting to the left is one of her paintings. I found out that she was having this exhibit on her blog, Epiphany Art - Art By "The Epiphany Artist" TM. My parents and I began a day going to see different exhibits. We started with Terry's exhibit. Terry was featured prominently in the atrium connecting the court and the Mayors Office/ City Council Chambers. The paintings are featured on her website just as I experienced them except the pear. That is why I chose to feature it here. I also chose it because it was very different from the landscapes. I really liked the colors and the frame she choose. Along with Terry's impressionistic landscape paintings were many other pieces that are on permanent display. The receptionist told us that the city buys a piece of artwork from local artist every year at their annual art show. I was impressed with the support that Apopka gave to their community of artists. They did not stop their with their support. We then went across the street to the Apopka historical museum. Here they had not only the history of the Apopka Indians that lived in the area, they had the history of the town and its settlement and growth. They even had a wall of fame. Here they featured celebrities (a pro football player, country singer, etc.) that grew up in Apopka. It was nice to see their enthusiasm for their town. From there we went downtown Orlando to find some galleries. We watched a glass artist making a vase. It was extremely hot, but very fascinating to watch. Saw some nice paintings and installation art at a gallery district that Orlando is trying to get going. I missed by one week an exhibit at the Orlando museum featuring Norman Rockwell's paintings and sketches. I saw the beach at New Smyrna, as well as, a manatee (because the others were already gone) at a park on the Johns River. The rest of the weekend was visiting my Aunts, Uncle and cousins that live in the area/state. It was nice seeing them and catching up. I have not seen two of my cousins since my sister got married 22 years ago. Other then marriages and/or kids, we are the same people. :-) The weather was fabulous this year. Like last year, it was 20 degrees in Cincinnati. Unlike last year, where I took off right after a snow storm and 6 inches on the ground only to land in Orlando and they were having a cold snap, i.e. high 40's to low 50's while my daughter and I visited. This year it was mid 70's and I even saw 80 one day! I could really get used to that. Coming back to snow and ice all this past week made me yearn for the warmth I had just left. Ahh, there is next year. Gaylynn
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