Saturday, September 13, 2008

Job and art

In my job, I have now put in three full weeks with our "interns". We decided to call them interns because they know they have graduated high school. So by calling them interns they feel like they are moving to their next step in life. A few of our interns are ready to go out and be placed in a job. The teachers are hoping to achieve that by the end of the month. So many things go into preparing them. Most things that we take for granted. An artist friend of mine got a job this week. She had been looking since spring. So like me she is glad to have insurance. We are more hobbyist then full time artist. We are ok with moving at our present pace with our art. Having said that I am sad that another artist friend went back to work because her husband was laid off and the economy has cooled on her fantastic printmaking/paintings ( I have not made money with my paintings like she has. I would guess how frustrating it is for her to have several part time jobs that leave little to no time to create. My wish for her is that things get better so she can go back to her love of color. As for my present painting. I am pushing to finish by the 21st so I have time to get it framed for the Oct. 11th exhibition. My mom picked up my paintings from the Miamisburg Art Guild Exhibition. While doing so my mom had a conversation with one of the MAG members. Patsy Weidner is a very talented artist. I spoke of her work and winning 2nd place for her pastel portrait. When I was about 13, I had sat for a portrait class at the MAG. Patsy still has the painting that she painted of me. Through my mom she has offered the painting to me. I will deffinatly be calling her with a very happy and humbled yes. I have two other paintings from that class. It is fun to see each artists interpretation of me. When I obtain this piece I will have to post all three. One last thought...again we have had a devastating hurricane hit our country. My prayers are with the many who road the storm out, their rescuers, and for the many volunteers that will help Texas in the aftermath of this storm. Gaylynn

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