Monday, October 6, 2008

Back from the framers

I got the painting in my last post back from the framers. She did an awesome job. So it is ready to be entered in the exhibition for this weekend. While at my framer (Frame of Mind in New Richmond) we talked about the exhibition. I wanted to know how many of those participating were professional artist, i.e. they have sold their work. I think I and the high school students are the only ones who have not. So my excitement to be among the professionals and to be judged by renowned wildlife artist, John Rutheven ( I am humbled and honored. Friday evening is the opening reception and distribution of prizes. The paintings (in all media) and photography will be shown through out several businesses. The exhibition is open to the public on Saturday only. This is the first time that the village has put on an art exhibition. And, yes it will help bring business to the village. Hopefully, it will help those in the exhibit too. I will tell you all about the exhibition next time. Gaylynn

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