Sunday, November 23, 2008

Art Shows

I spent yesterday with a friend attending an art show and a arts and crafts show. We went to both shows to support two artist I know. I am sorry that I forgot my camera. The first show was this groups 6th annual show. They have a loyal turnout each year and the work is exquisite, however, this group is high end. All pieces are very much worth the price. I am not sure that they got to many takers in this economy. This makes me very sad for them. There was a potter, two types of fabric art, jewelry, printmaking paintings (my friends art), homemade paper paintings, collage/paintings and edibles. Next was the arts and crafts show. This was sponsored by a high school band as a fundraiser. This show had some high end items in jewelry (my other friends art), knitted items, potters and a few painters. The rest was crafts like giant suckers and snowmen to place in your yard for the holidays; glass block presents or snowmen that light up; handmade cards, notebooks, photo albums, journals...; wood turned bowls and ink pens; edibles; purses, etc... The $30 or less items were being snatched up, but not at a fever pace. We had a great time supporting my friends and seeing how others create. So the story I took from this day was... if you are going to set up a booth you need items in all price ranges to be able to at least pay for your space. You have to be able to appeal to the customers, as well as, the economy that dictates if the customer has pennies to spare. Gaylynn

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tall Drink of Water

I spent last night with my husband and friends at the Alan Jackson concert. If you knew me you would know that I am not necessarily a fan of any one type of music, musician, or singer. However, 18 years ago my husband started talking about an up and coming artist who he really liked. So I got tickets to Alan Jackson's concert for his birthday. I was hooked after that night. Not only did I enjoy his songs, but I thought he was handsome. Therefore, I nicknamed him "my tall drink of water". Here I am the only person in the family that only buys Christmas CD's (tapes then), because I did not like to spend money on something you can hear on the radio. I have bought every thing he has released. At first it was for my hubby as well as me. Now it is more me then him. I enjoy Alan Jackson's sound, his words and his humor in his songs. When our youngest was 4 or 5 she could sing "Chattahoochee" verbatim. I got such a kick hearing her sing, "stacking up cans in the pale moonlight." Maybe that is another reason why I follow this mans work ;-) the memory always makes me smile. So don't mind me as I am still humming his songs today. Gaylynn

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Back to High School

Today I was invited up to our high school to speak to the advance art class about watercolor. The students wanted to know how to correct some of their paintings. Like all beginners to watercolor they are impatient to get the painting done. I showed them how to pull the paint off and talked about how they had to be careful not to create blossoms or streaks. I brought along a painting that I was about to begin to work on. I showed my preliminary drawing and talked about how watercolor is painted light to dark thus leaving the white of the paper. How I was laying a yellow wash to help give the object a glow when I begin to put down the color. I hope I was helpful to them. However, like most teenagers they were ready to move on to the next project. :-) Gaylynn
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