Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tall Drink of Water

I spent last night with my husband and friends at the Alan Jackson concert. If you knew me you would know that I am not necessarily a fan of any one type of music, musician, or singer. However, 18 years ago my husband started talking about an up and coming artist who he really liked. So I got tickets to Alan Jackson's concert for his birthday. I was hooked after that night. Not only did I enjoy his songs, but I thought he was handsome. Therefore, I nicknamed him "my tall drink of water". Here I am the only person in the family that only buys Christmas CD's (tapes then), because I did not like to spend money on something you can hear on the radio. I have bought every thing he has released. At first it was for my hubby as well as me. Now it is more me then him. I enjoy Alan Jackson's sound, his words and his humor in his songs. When our youngest was 4 or 5 she could sing "Chattahoochee" verbatim. I got such a kick hearing her sing, "stacking up cans in the pale moonlight." Maybe that is another reason why I follow this mans work ;-) the memory always makes me smile. So don't mind me as I am still humming his songs today. Gaylynn

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