Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Celebrating My 2009 Accomplishments!

At the end of each year, Alyson Stanfield encourages her followers to write down their accomplishments for the past year. She suggests that you write in a journal or create a document on your computer so the list can be added to  over the course of the year.

As Alyson states, on her December 14, 2009 Art Marketing Action Newsletter (, you need to give thanks for the work you did; the people you met; the exhibits you attended; the sales you made, etc...

I have compiled a list from the many inventory of questions the Alyson has thrown out there over the years. What started out as 12 questions has grown into approximately 45 questions that are professional or personal. I have picked the professional ones that worked this year for me.

1.  How many works did I create?
2.  What trips (local or far away) did I make to nourish my art?
3.  What classes/seminars/workshops did I take (business or creative)?
4.  What did you try that was completely new?
5.  What did I invest in that will help me to run a more profitable or streamlined business?
6.  Whom did I meet that has turned out to be a mentor?
7.  Whom did I mentor, teach or help out?
8.  What books or magazines did I read to help my career?
9.  What resources did I discover?
10. How many names did I add to my mailing list?
11. How did I improve my studio habits or routines?
12. Where did my name or artwork appear in print?
13. What did I do to enhance my online presence, such as, my website, FB, twitter, linkedin...?
14. Did I create a new business card, portfolio or marketing piece?
15. Did I create an Artist Statement/Bio?
16. How did I promote my art?
17. What organizations did I join (local, state, national)
18. What worthy causes did I support in some way?
19. What art events, galleries, museums, or art fairs did I visit this year?
20. What exhibits/shows or contests did I submit to?
21. What was the single best thing that happened to your art career in 2009?

I use this list to take stock and see where I need to improve. I hope this list is helpful to you as much as it is to me. The single best thing that happened to me this past year was joining the gallery in my town and accomplishing the majority of my goal list.

I think I will celebrate!



Sunday, December 27, 2009

Art Marketing Book - I'd Rather Be in the Studio!

My daughter gave me the book I'd rather be in the studio! (The Artist's No-Excuse Guide to Self Promotion) by Alyson B. Stanfield for Christmas. For those that have not heard of Alyson or her blog (, you need to know that she is an artist advocate and art marketing consultant. Alyson leads workshops, delivers on-line courses, as well as, sends out a weekly newsletter that is free to those who sign up. All this information can be found on her blog and her website ( Even though I have read Alyson's weekly newsletter religiously for the past six years, I wanted this book so the information that Alyson has been so generously sharing was at my fingertips. I am looking forward to making notes in the book and following Alyson's advice. Gaylynn

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone

Just wanted to take time today to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. My hope is that everyone has a wonderful time with their families. Travel safely for those that travel. Happy Holidays Gaylynn

Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Richmond Christmas Walk

On Thursday, this past week, I gave a watercolor demonstration to two art classes at the high school. I had a really good time talking with the students. I got to see some of their work and we did a critique. I have to brag a little about the all the art teachers in our district. They do some awesome projects with the kids. At the high school level many of the students work are portfolio ready for an art school. Along with the painting class I had the opportunity to sit in on a clay class. I was impressed with their portrait reliefs that they were working on. I really wanted to sit down and join them. This weekend was our village's Christmas Walk. Santa arrived in a horse drawn carriage, rein-dog parade, carolers, elementary art show, art demonstrations at the gallery and shop owners dressed in period costumes. It was a three day event and I participated in this event at Front Street Gallery on Saturday. I gave demos in watercolor all day and led two little girls in an impromptu mini lesson. I was joined in demonstrations with one of the gallery potters, Jamie Lliff; Photographer,Mark Kahles; and a fellow gallery resident, painter of oils, Ed Ostendorf. On Sunday, Pat Holm, potter, and Adrian Hawk, painter and elementary art teacher, gave demos. Jamie led willing participants in making whistles out of clay. Jamie had many small pear shaped whistles made ahead. Adults and Children were encouraged to take that shape and make an animal or creature from their imagination. Once fired they will have a unique whistle that they created and a memory of the day. It was a popular spot. I liked where he was set up because it was right in front of my paintings hanging on the wall. :-) I was surprised by my parents coming down to support me and see the event. I had many friends stop by and appreciate each and everyone who stopped by. Now I have to get serious and begin my Christmas shopping and Christmas cards. I know admitting that has caused distress to anyone who is organized. I promise it will get done. Until the shopping is done, Gaylynn

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lots of prep this week

I am preparing for two things this week. The first is on Thursday when I will be giving two watercolor demos for two art classes at our local high school . The second is for a day long of watercolor demos at the Front Street Gallery for our villages Christmas Walk that lasts all weekend. With both places wanting me to start a painting(s) and work on them while I talk has me drawing and preparing lots of paper for ready. I will need two for the HS classes and at least three for the Christmas Walk. Hopefully I will be able to get at least one of the five done over the course of the weekend. The Gallery is offering other demos in pottery, oils, photography and children's crafts. Frame of Mind frame shop is having a show of elementary art. Hours for this event are 10-6 on Saturday and 1-4 on Sunday. Come on down and join us. There will be lots of coffee, hot chocolate and opportunities to find Christmas gifts. Gaylynn

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I am writing to express my gratitude for each of the people who support me and give me joy on this holiday of thanks. I am thankful for my faith in God and my ability to be able to worship him. I am thankful for my husband and girls because they are my life. I am thankful for my parents,siblings and their families. For my parents shaped our character, our values and showed us the faith that I and my siblings cherish and pass on to our families. I am thankful for my in-laws and their families. I respect the strong bond and faith that they each share. I am thankful for my girlfriends. I enjoy their camaraderie, their interests, their humor and all of our adventures. Each one means so much to me. I am thankful for my art community. Their friendship and support inspire and push me to keep painting. I am thankful for my co-workers. Getting up and going to work is so fun because of them. I am thankful for our armed forces and their families. Because of them I have the ability to enjoy my home and community. May God be with them and keep them safe. Not only as we enter the holiday season, but each and every day. I am thankful our great country and all that we stand for. AND I am thankful for everyone who reads my blog. I want you to know how much I appreciate your support. Happy Thanksgiving Gaylynn

Friday, November 20, 2009

SHHH! Artworks

Artworks ( is a non-profit organization that has painted 27 murals in downtown Cincinnati since 2007. This past year they have worked with Ronald McDonald house at Children's Hospital. When Ronald McDonald House added an addition, Artworks hired 30 teens and a team of professional artists to make new works of art for the house. They created a glass canopy that showcases bugs, birds, leaves, trees and flowers found in the rainforest. The three hallways of the new wing has unique mosaic hearts. The hearts are made from stained glass, tiles donated by the Rookwood Pottery Co. and other items, such as,Happy Meal toys. This team also created a 11 x 17' mosaic to welcome guests in the new entryway. This mural has smiling children, birds and lager than life sunflowers and stars. The money from this fundraiser goes to these type of projects. The art that was bought will support the hiring of teens to create public works of art for the city. The coming year they want to fill more rooms at the Ronald McDonald House and more murals in neighborhoods that invite them in. I will let you know the final number for this years fundraiser. Hopefully, it meets or beats last years $65,000. My friend, Tina, and I went to the Artworks fundraiser ( to see our 5x7 paintings along with the other 1474 pieces from 500+ local, national and international artists. After signing in, artists were given a red carnation boutonnière. (Mine is above left and one of Tina's sales is on the right.) Everyone waited outside the ballroom and listened to music. At about fifteen minutes before the doors opened they drew numbers from those that bought a raffle ticket. These lucky winners went in first to see the paintings, clay and fabric art. This also gave them the opportunity to choose the pieces(s) they wanted before the rest of us were let in. Once inside, Tina and I looked around and decided to start at the tables near the door. Not a good choice, because there were so many people thinking the same. We made our way to an outside wall and restarted there. This is where I found my painting "Sweet Chick". We worked our way around the perimeter and crowd to find Tina's four pieces on the opposite wall. When a patron buys a piece they give their $75 voucher to the teen artist manning that table or board. That teen then pulls the piece off and places the voucher strip next to the spot. When the painting is pulled off, it reveals a photo of the painting and the name of the artist. While we were watching a purchase, the patron squealed in delight when she discovered that the artist was once one of her former high school students. Congratulations! to my friends that donated a piece(s) and had some of their works sell. Before we left, 2 of Tina's 4 digital paintings sold, Deb Ward's ( , left) 1 of 2 paintings sold and Dodie ( , right) had 1 of her 2 oil paintings sell. If you go to the Artworks website in the next week every artist that participated will be revealed. Also, if you were unable to attend the event, but think you might like a painting or two, go to the website to purchase a painting there. Check it out. It was a fun evening and I am already planning on a piece or two for next November. Gaylynn (sidebar: Deb contacted me and informed me that the pic I took was not of her work, however she did put in 2 paintings and one sold. Somehow we missed each other in the crowd. I truly apologize Deb for the mistake. I will never suggest that you are a Debbie again :-)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Viewpoint 2009 at the Cincinnati Art Club

This year marks the 41st year of the show ViewPoint which opened on Friday, November 6, 2009 at the Cincinnati Art Club ( Juror, John Michael Carter, viewed 289 works of art created in a variety of media. There were 153 artists representing 20 states. There were 64 pieces that were hung for the show. You can go to the CAC website to see the list of participants. Here are the top winners and some of my favorites. First Place "The Green Hat" oil " California, Kentucky Second Place (right) "Trusting Chef Roger" oil Linda Hutchinson Kent, Ohio Third Place "Father and Son" (diptych) oil Richard Luschek II Cincinnati, Ohio Eisele Gallery Award (right) "Leaning Toward Abstract" oil Chris-Griffin Wood Indianapolis, Indiana The next two are fabulous artists that I have taken classes from. Mary Helen, watercolor portraits and Ken taught me how to use watercolors. John Crane Watercolor Award "The Dreamers" watercolor Mary Helen Wallace Cincinnati, Ohio Mike Drying on Diving Board acrylic Kenneth Landon Buck Highland Heights, Kentucky These are just a few of the fabulous pieces that I saw. If you live in the area I recommend that you go to the Art Club in Mt. Adams to see this show. The members of the Cincinnati Art Club worked hard to produce a excellent show. Especially, Deb Ward and her committee. Gaylynn

GCWCS November Meeting

Because of Veterans Day I had the day off. I was thrilled when I looked at the calender and saw that I could attend the monthly meeting of the Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society. I have not been to a meeting since August when school began. The guest speaker was Judy Anderson ( Judy is a Signature Member of the National, Ohio, Kentucky, Texas and Northwest Watercolor Societies. In her artist statement she says, "My expressionistic paintings are playful marriages of reality and myth. I strive to push my visions creatively through strong colors and interesting shapes. Fracturing, pattern/texture and composition are my tools for energizing the work. Matisse proved to me that light-hearted and decorative are valid forms of serious art." Judy's topic today was on color in landscapes. She talked about choosing a palette and that you need the colors to be dominant in either the warm or cool colors. She used the example of the pattern of warm, cool, warm, cool, warm, cool.... plays off each other and helps to make a painting. Judy said to pick a palette that has personality, style and fits your subject matter. For todays demo she choose the colors sap green, cad. med. yellow, ocher, cerulean blue, cad. red, and burnt sienna. Judy stressed how you should do a few value studies along with your sketch. "Planning is everything", said Judy. Judy's tips were to use acetate over the area you are working when you want to try something without messing up your painting. She also suggested that you can get some great information from You Tube ( typing in watercolor then tutorials. Another site she recommends is Watercolor Painting ( As always, I learned a lot from this meeting. I look forward to next summer when I will be able to be apart of them again. Gaylynn

Veteran's Day

My local HERO is Sgt. Paul Brondhaver. He served in Iraqi Freedom 5 1/2 years ago. He also was wounded. Like all military he says that he would not change a thing and would go back if he was asked. Paul works with children through the Parks district in Cincinnati and his total motivation is all about the kids. When Paul was in Iraq he soughtt out the children and figured out what their needs were and started a campaign to get the items needed. Then the bottom dropped when he got wounded. I think it dropped more for those of us that support Paul and his family. Not Paul, he has worked through his disabilities and found the positive. Paul is a go getter. He was before Iraq and is to this day. When he got on his feet he went back to work at the Rec Center, he began traveling and speaking for his fellow men in the Armed Services. Anyone who asks him to tell about his ordeal, he is there. Through his speaking engagements he has met other injured soldiers and some influential people. The injured soldiers he stays in contact with. The influential people and companies he works with, for fund raising, for the kids. Paul helps inner city kids go to football, baseball and basketball camps with a lot of hard work and being apart of several organizations that support these events. Which brings me to the event we were invited to. In the village of Montgomery is a organization called The Character and Courage Foundation ( The organization is non-profit and is dedicated to fulfilling dreams of deserving kids. They help build special baseball fields for kids wit physical handicaps; donate equipment and uniforms to Little League teams in need and grant baseball-related WISHES for sick children. This organization is part of the Green Diamond Gallery ( The gallery is FULL of baseball memorabilia. It is open during the day to its members at night and for special events. There are signed baseballs, bats, jerseys, books, pennants, pictures and paintings from the beginning of baseball to the present. But, I digress. The owner of this special gallery held a Veterans Day evening. He had Paul invite people that he supports and that has supported him over the past 5 years. We enjoyed the gallery prior to Paul talking about his love of country and his friends in the Armed Services. We were there to honor him and all Veterans, yet he honored the people who support him and his kids and the Veterans that he invited. It was a very special and magical evening for all who attended. I just wanted to share my evening of tribute to all Veterans and hope you keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Gaylynn (sidebar- My Dad, Ret. Navy, was one of the dozen servicemen that Paul honored. This was a surprise and very special for my family that was present.)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Weekly Post

Since I last posted I have been laying low with an upper respiratory infection. I am on the mend and made it back to work today. All I have to say is MucinexDM. I finished and mailed my entry to the Shhh! Secret ARTWORKS fund raiser. I am not allowed to post this piece until after the November 20th event. All the information about the event is on my October 17th post. Tomorrow is election day so do not forget to vote. Until next week, Gaylynn

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall leaves at Spring Grove Cemetery

Today a group of my friends and I spent the afternoon on a walking tour of Spring Grove Cemetery ( on the northwest side of Cincinnati in what is refereed to Mill Valley. Along our walk we enjoyed the many colorful fall foliage. The trees color were so rich and just plain gorgeous! It was perfect walking weather and my group thoroughly had a great day. In our group were people from the young (3) to the elderly (80's). We took pictures and helped push a lady in a wheel chair as everyone listened with intent to the guides information that she shared about the cemetery, tombstones, memorials and the trees. One of my favorite mausoleums was a small building that had an Art Deco metal door of a woman (pictured below left). When you walked up to door and peeked through the cut outs, you saw a exquisite Tiffany window (pictured below right). There are 733 acres, but only 400 are being used and maintained. The cemetery dates back to 1844when Cincinnati's Horticultural Society formed the cemetery association. In 1855 Adolph Strauch was hired to renovate the grounds. His format is a "garden cemetery" which is made of lakes, trees and shrubs. They still follow this format today. Mr. Strauch did not want the cemetary to become a National Cemetery with all its markers right next to each other and rows as far as the eye can see. Because the association has kept to the original plan, in 1987 they officially became known as the Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum. This betters represents its remarkable collection of both native and exotic trees, as well as, State and National trees. There are 12 ponds on the grounds. All man made from natural springs. There are many tombstones and memorials with their own stories. Some of the mausoleums were done in Gothic Revival Architecture. There are 40 Civil War Generals, Govenors from Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky and many notables from Cincinnati's history, such as, Salmon P. Chase (Chief Justice of the United States), Levi Coffin (Abolitionist), President Wm. Howard Taft's parents, William Proctor and James Gamble(P&G), Bernard Kroger (Kroger Grocery stores), from the present, Skip Prosser (former Xavier & Wake Forest Basketball Coach) and many others. Several in our group were taking pictures. While talking with one lady we both discovered that we painted and have taken a class from the same teacher. It was nice to talk shop with her. If you check out their website go to events to learn when they are having tours. I can not wait until spring to see the spring flowers and trees in bloom. Gaylynn (as a side note: I see that my blog/GCWS buddies also have posted about places they visited this week. Deb Ward debwardart and Rhonda Carpenter Watercolors and Words )

Monday, October 19, 2009

A Blogging Award and How to get a class started

My blogging and Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society buddy, Deb Ward (debwardart), honored me with the Kreataiv Blogger Award. Thanks Deb! I am to tell 7 things about myself, then pass the award on to 7 other bloggers that I admire. So here goes... 1. I have been married for 28 years. 2. I have 3 grown daughters. 3. I began painting when I was 12 (in oils). 4. I went to Eastern Kentucky University for an Art Education Degree where I discovered acrylics. 5. I have been painting in watercolor for 8 years. 6. I love to travel, especially to island/beaches. 7. I have been to London and Paris (and all those fabulous museums) twice. Whew! That was not easy. It is like getting brain freeze. As I listed something I kept asking myself "Do I want to share this?" or "Would they really want to know this?" Anyway, on to the next step, listing my 7 favorite blogs. Let me begin by saying that I would place Deb here if I could. Realism in Watercolors Jacqueline Gnott -I enjoy here very realistic florals. Exploring Color & Creativity Nita Leleand -I have learned so much from her books. My Little Paint Box Pablo Villicana Lara -Her sketches look like finished pieces. A Painting Today Karin Jurick -I am amazed by her brush strokes and ease of small 6x6 paintings. Paintings in Oil Neil Hollingsworth - I love the way he takes ordinary items and makes them enjoyable to look at. Nicole Caulfield Art Journal Nicole Caulfield -Her still lifes in colored pencil are fantastic! The Extraordinary Pencil Marsha Robinett -Her blog title says it all (I hope she is feeling better). I have lots and lots of blogs in my library and I enjoy each and everyone of them. I enjoy the blogger that tells a good story; that has exquisite work; that shows the process of art and the one who gives great tips. Anyone that connects with others deserves to have all of the blogging wards passed their way. I hope you check the above 7 and enjoy them as much as I do. Now for the second part of my title.... I recently tried to get a watercolor class going at our local gallery. Only 2 signed up so we have to post pone the class until we can get a few more. We had two articles in the local paper about the classes beginning at the gallery. It was advertised at the Java, Jazz n' Art. So my question of the week is...How did you get a class that you wanted to teach up and running? Was it already going and you stepped in? Did you use the words beginning watercolors or beginning oil to get the class started? Did you give a one day demo or workshop? These are some of the things the gallery owner and I were pondering. Please leave a comment and tell me your story. Gaylynn

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Secret Artworks, SHHH!!!

My next project is for ARTWORKS ( . This is an award winning fund raising project called Secret Artworks featuring the exhibition and sale of 5"X7" works by local, national and international artists. Every piece of artwork sells for $75. The "secret" is the identity of the artists. Their names are on the back of the painting and is only revealed when it is sold. More than 750 Artists and over 3,000 pieces have been exhibited since the beginning of this event in 2006. This event provides artists with paid opportunities around the community. Secret Artworks is the only time that artists are asked to donate their talent. Last year they raised $65,000. Some local, national and international artists that have participated in the past 3 years were: John A. Ruthven, Michael Scott, Steven Powers, Pam Kravetz, Cole Carothers, Kris Cimmings, Carol Abbott, Tina clyburn, Vera Curnow, Joann Honschopp, M. Katherine Hurley, Dodie Loewe, Velma J. Morris, Sara Mulhauser, Nancy N. Neville, Bobbi Thies and many others. The event is November 20, 2009 at the Westin Hotel, downtown Cincinnati. Non-artist pay $100 to attend the party and have the opportunity to pick one of the artworks. At the party, artist can meet their peers and potential patrons alike. Major Networking in one evening. I was asked by a friend to participate this year. I thought it sounded fun. I am hoping to meet some of the artist that I admire around town. Who knows maybe I will come home with a piece of my own. :-) I have to have my entry handed in by Oct. 30. After the event I will post my painting. Gaylynn

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Java, Jazz n' Art '09 Weekend

Well the Java, Jazz n' Art has come and gone. I was lucky to have all three of the paintings that I entered make it into the show. So did some of my friends that I paint with in the Legendary Artists Group and the Cincinnati Watercolor society and other artists friends. Sad for me that I did not win anything. The show was juried by three people this year. M. Katherine Hurley (who is a landscape artist that paints in oil), Gary Gleason (Owner of Miller Gallery in Hyde Park/Cincinnati, OH and Winter Park/Orlando, Fla.) and Ana England (Artist/Professor @ Northern Kentucky Univ.) There were 92 pieces from 42 artists in the show and seven paintings sold! The Awards were given at the reception on Friday evening. We had rain all day. It let up for about an hour so the artists and their guests could go to the three venues that held the art work. To the left, is the River Theme winner. It is called "River Kiss" by Shelia Fleischer. The Open theme, to the right, was a watercolor by Joan Rothel. I really enjoyed this painting, "New Orleans Rag" by Paul Vollman. I liked the energy that Paul put into this piece. I could feel the beat and here the music On Saturday, the rain moved out and left the skies cloudy and the air brisk. I joined a few artists as the festival began. We painted in the little park in New Richmond that sits along the river. It was a nice time painting while listening to the jazz and socializing with the visitors as they too listened and looked at the artwork. The organizers guesstimated around 2000 people enjoyed the day. Those that came out enjoyed our shops, restaurants and the vendors outside the Front Street Gallery. On the right is my friend, Sharon, painting a river scene. She was one of the lucky artists that sold a painting at the show, which is on the left. Along with the Java, Jazz n' Art event, it was also the high schools homecoming week. I was involved in this also through my husband. So after I painted, I then chaperoned the dance that evening. It was a very long day. If you came down to the river and and enjoyed the day, click on comments and tell em about it. Gaylynn

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park

Today my friend and I went to Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park ( ) near Hamilton, Ohio. They were having a Art Fair among the sculptures. The park started on private property of Harry Wilks. He built his residence on 40 rolling acres. The house is underground with a glass pyramid over his living area. The house is not open to the public. He then expanded to 265 acres when he and his board decided that they wanted to preserve a nature area. Most of the sculptures are among the hills and trees by donation. Some are permanent installations or on show for short term. You can walk on the paved roads to get around the park. Other options were to rent a golf cart or drive through in your car. There were places to pull off and park so you can get out and get a closer look. We did a little walking and some driving. The hills are killers to walk if you are not a hiker. If you are a hiker they also have trails for you to walk. The first sculpture on the left is called The Birth of Adam. It is surrounded by a rose garden. I really liked how it appeared to be coming out of the earth. It was a pretty garden even though the roses were at the end of their blooming season. There were many garden areas throughout the park.
The building that my friend and I enjoyed the most was the Ancient Sculpture Museum. The building is modeled after a Roman house, complete with a garden open to the sky, in the center. A wide, covered cloistered styled walkway encircles the garden, with sixteen custom carved, stone columns supporting the red tile roof. The unique design of the building was inspired by several trips that Harry Wilks, the founder of the park, made to Italy and other spots in the old Roman Empire.
The exhibits in this building are various pieces of ancient sculpture dating from the Roman Empire, the Egyptian Dynasties, the ancient Greek civilization and the Etruscan culture. The collection is one of the largest collections in the Midwest and features many rare items not exhibited in other museums. The collection was assembled only from purchases made from the international auction houses of Sotheby’s and Christie’s over the last 29 years by Mr. Wilks. So the sculpture, above on the right, is a bust of a Roman Muse, circa 1st century A.D. I liked the this marble face because it was mostly in tact. Only the tip of the nose was missing. Making it to the present in such great shape is amazing. The next marble piece, on the left, is a torso of a woman. They called it a statue of the Goddess Diana, circa 2nd/3rd century A.D. I really was impressed with the folds and bunching of the fabric chiseled into the marble. The only piece that was fragile, on the right, was Figure of a Woman with a Mirror, made of Greek Terracotta from the late 4th/early 3rd century B.C. I have only showed her side view because my front had too many shadows. However, you could see the folds of her gown, the waves of her hair and every finger is still in tact. It was beautiful. I enjoyed the very overcast day discovering this gem on the outskirts of Cincinnati with my friend. Oh, and the art fair was a small bonus for the day. I recommend, to those in my area, to pack a picnic and take a drive to Pyramid Hill Sculpture park. It was a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Gaylynn

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Yard Sale Finds

I went to the little church that my painting group, The Legendary Artists Group, paint at on every other Thursday mornings. On Saturday, the church had a yard sale and I got a GREAT deal on two pieces. I took my mother-in-law because she had seen the sale on her way to visit. I was not expecting to find anything. I did not even get my purse out of the truck. I did not even have any cash on me. Yet, I was lucky enough to find a small, 26 " x 38", antique table with one small drawer. This table is perfect to hold my palettes, brushes and water container next to my easel. I cannot begin to describe how happy I am to have a table to hold all my equipment on one space. I also picked up a wood drafting table, 36" x 42". The top is so much bigger than the small laminate one that I had picked up at another yard sale a few years back (thanks Lora). I am thinking I will use the new one for another painting space because I could tape the paper right to it. I think I will keep the small one for drawing (unless I do another 16" x 20" or larger). Thanks to my daughter, who also came along, because she loaned her mother the cash. :-) Have you ever stumbled on to something that just fits your studio or found tools that you use in your art that have become your favorite? It just makes you happy when you use them. Leave a comment and tell me about it. Gaylynn

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Paddeling the Ohio

Paddeling the Ohio Watercolor/Gouache 16x20 300 lb. Arches I am finally done. The tweaking I did was to add some red to the trees and tightened up the canoers. Tomorrow I will take it to Diane at Frames of Mind in New Richmond. Lunch Anyone? Watercolor/Gouache 10 x 12 300 lb. Arches Best Friends Napping Watercolor 13 x 17 300lb. Arches I am entering all three paintings into the Java, Jazz n' Art. Paddeling the Ohio will be entered under the "River" theme category. The other two paintings will be in the "Open" category. Hopefully, they all will be juried in. I will keep you posted. Gaylynn
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Monday, September 14, 2009

WIP - Paddeling on the Ohio

I am at the point that I only have a little tweaking to do this evening, but basically I can call this one done. A year ago today, we lost our power to the "hurricane" that came through the Ohio valley. My household was without electricity for 9 days. That is when I finished "Two Men and a Barge", for the Java, Jazz n' Art show. We were out of school for three of those 9 days. The sunny, mild days on my deck were a blessings enabling me to get that painting done. I hope by finishing on the anniversary of this wind storm will bring me luck. :-) Let me know what you think about the painting. I will be taking it to the framer before the week is out. Gaylynn P.S. For those entering a brick for the 8th Annual Breast Cancer Brick Auction, they are due next week, Sept. 25th. If you have nay questions check the website

Monday, September 7, 2009

"Paddeling the Ohio" WIP

I have to say that I really hated drawing this one. All the technical of the bridge. However, once I began painting it, I have enjoyed it so far. The background and bridge are almost done. This is largest watercolor I have done to date. It is 16 x 20. I chose to go this large because I felt the canoes would get lost with the expanse of the bridge if it was smaller. With the larger scale they will be seen. The large scale might be why it has become fun. The brush strokes are large and free so far. So the next obstacle will be the water. The goal is to be done in two weeks so I can get it to the framer. That will give her two weeks to get it framed for the Oct. 10 Java, Jazz n' Art show. No pressure here...actually, I think I do better with a date towering over my head then too much time to procrastinate. Catch ya at next weeks update. Gaylynn

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Paddeling the Ohio

I have begun my next painting. It is a "river" scene for the Java, Jazz n' Art show. There is a the river theme and open theme prize. It is a view of the Ohio river under the I-275 bridge. This was approximately 8:30am with Paddelfest participants starting their trek, from Coney Island, down the river towards the serpentine wall /public landing in Cincinnati. It is 16 X 20 and I have approximately 20 days to finish it an get it to the framer two weeks prior to delivery to the show. Speaking of framing...I just got back "Lunch Anyone" from the framer. I personally am not happy with it. I had it framed for show, which means the mat is white and the frame is black. I thought my framer and I picked a a fabulous frame. The frame has an "old world" feel with a twine running through it and gold trim on the inside near the 3" mat. I think the painting looks dull. Maybe it is me. I will have to live with it a few days. We will see. Thank you all for being patient with me as I got back into the swing of school again. I am still swamped with paperwork, but I am seeing the light and things are becoming smoother with each day. Gaylynn P.S. Reminding you that your bricks are due on Sept. 25th for the 8th Annual Breast Cancer Auction. Check the website if you have any questions

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Start of school

I just want to leave a brief post on what I am up to. School has begun and I am swamped with work. I really like our new Interns and I am excited to get them out into their jobs. I am happy to see the interns that returned. They are so much fun. I did take the painting that I fretted with all summer (window with people in the panes) to the framers. I titled it "Lunch Anyone". I have applied to our local gallery to show my paintings and I am waiting to see if I get in. I have sent in my paperwork for the Java, Jazz n' Art Show in October. Now to get the theme painting done. The theme is "the River" since we are a river town. This is difficult to find the right scene to paint. I have, also, entered the painting "Best Friends Napping" and "Lunch Anyone". These two will be in the open category of the show. The difference this year from last is your paintings are juried to be in the show then juried for prizes. Last year everyone that entered got in and then every painting was judged for prizes. A little tougher this time. So, if I do not get back for a week or two please forgive me as I am working hard toward the October show. Gaylynn

Sunday, August 16, 2009

2009 Miamisburg Art Guild 7th Annual Juried Exhibition

I was juried into the Miamisburg Art Guild 2009 Exhibition! To the right is my painting "Best Friend's Napping" hanging in the gallery. It was the only painting that I entered this year and it was in the portrait category. The exhibition had Best of Show and four categories that had four awards each this year. These categories were portrait, landscapes, still life and miscellaneous. They stated that 72 artists entered 153 pieces and 115 were accepted into the show. To the right is the portrait that took first place. It was done by Amy Mitchell and the oil painting was called "Jessie". The funny thing about all the winners in this category the paintings were titled by a single name. Second place was "Ben" by Louise Doorley. Third place went to "Tody" by Paul Fox and the Merit Award by Judy Thaxton titled "Jim". Judy also won third place in the Miscellaneous Category for her painting "Zen and the Art of Garden Maintenance". Best of Show, to the left, went to a colored pencil painting called "All used up" by Tom Kinarney. My GCWS and blog buddy, Deb Ward ( got two of her paintings accepted into the exhibition. These paintings were "Agave" a watercolor and an acrylic called "Blocks". The exhibition was judged by a faculty member from the University of Dayton. The exhibition lasts until September 5, 2009. If you live in the Dayton, Ohio area I hope you go and see the exhibition and the fabulous work from SW Ohio artists displayed. This gallery exhibition means a lot to me because it is where I learned to paint all those many years ago. The gentleman all the way right, Gene Woods, was the man who started the Gallery in this small town. He and his friends like Les Spicer (the other man in the picture) and Dorthy Rice, were the teachers to young and old. This town embraced the gallery and have kept oil/acrylic lessons going for over 40 years. As Deb put it, it is like "old home week" for me. Ladies that did my portrait, in a portrait class when I was 14, run the gallery now. I sometimes wish I lived closer to be apart of the heritage of keeping the gallery going. Instead I enter this exhibition and take pride that I am a former student of this hometown gallery. Gaylynn I appreciate and want to say thank you to my support: My sister M for delivering the painting; My sister N and her son J for coming to the opening reception; My daughter R and my parents, C & N, for being with me during the awards ceremony and the opening reception. I also want to thank PW and DH for their kind words.
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