Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow and Ice

We are in our second day of snow and ice. There are power outages around the area. Luckily my home has been spared (so far). However, our truck did get hit with branches full of ice during the night. It cracked the windshield and dented a few spots on the hood. I am just glad no one got hurt. As I write this, we have been called with the cancellation for tomorrow. Yippee, I can paint some more! Once the snow and sleet stopped, it took my husband and daughter 3 hours to shovel our drive and clean off their vehicles. There is still a layer of ice on the driveway. I hope others in the area have fared well. With all this free time that the snow has given me, I have been working on the painting that I started two weeks ago. The fabrics are beginning to take shape. Planning to get even further tomorrow. :-) Let me know what you think. Gaylynn

Monday, January 19, 2009

Rockwell's America

Yesterday, my friend and I traveled to Columbus to the Ohio Historical Center to see the exhibit "Rockwell's America." The exhibit featured life sized re-creations of Norman Rockwell's famous scenes from The Saturday Evening Post. We began by entering to see a quick video on Norman Rockwell and The Saturday Evening Post. The video informed us that he painted 322 paintings for the Post and 50 calendars for the Boy Scouts of America during his career which spanned from 1910 to 1970's. The publishers of the Post created this exhibit. From there we entered into a replica of his studio. There we cam upon a replica of Rockwell painting his famous self portrait. All around the room were props and books. You were encouraged to touch the props and even the sculpture of the self portrait. We then went through a frame into the next scene which represented summertime. In this scene we saw children playing, going to a swimming hole, old gentleman fishing, baseball scenes seen through a hole in the fence and a model T for the patrons to climb into. While in this room there was a man dressed in 1930 garb and talking to you about what you were seeing and creating stories. In the next area was Main Street America and here his work showed how technology changed everyday life. There were phones placed along the way that you could pick up and dial to other areas in this scene. Sometimes it was a child dialing and sometimes it was one of the "characters" calling to draw you into the story they were weaving. The character on Main Street was a little old lady waiting on her husband that had gone into the barber shop for a haircut and ended up playing his fiddle. This painting was recreated with you looking into the barber shop window seeing the makeshift jam session in the back room. Rockwell was known for his paintings of WWII. In this section we met Willie the soldier that walked America through positive tasks that people back home hoped their loved one was experiencing. We also met "Rosie the Riveter". Rosie was the character that spoke to the patrons. She had a assembly line to show how manufacturing existed during the war while the men were gone. This lead up to President F.D. Roosevelt's State of the Union speech in 1943 where he talked about the Four Freedoms (of speech, from want, of worship and from fear). Rockwell took those four freedoms and created a painting for each. Next to this was the Civil Rights movement and Rockwell's painting of "The Problems We All Live With" which is the depiction of Ruby Bridges as she goes to school on the first day of segregation. Home for the holidays was a home with the life sized figures creating the middle America small town image that Rockwell gave us. The last area was a room with all 322 Saturday Evening Posts. It was not what I expected it to be, yet I truly enjoyed the experience. I would recommend the exhibit to anyone who has the opportunity to see it. "My fundamental purpose is to interpret the typical America. I am a storyteller. ... I paint life as I would like it to be." -Norman Rockwell Gaylynn

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Deb's flag demo

This is a painting I won from Deb Ward (listed in favorites on left of page). Deb was giving away some of her demos. I was lucky enough to have been chosen and it came in the mail on Friday. Thanks Deb, I love it! I worked on my painting. I have it all blocked in and it is beginning to take shape. I apologize, because it does not show well. The lighting and the base glazes makes it to light for the camera. I was having a tough time putting the checks in. I am hoping once I put the folds and shadows in the blanket will look better. Gaylynn

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year, New Look and Accountability

Today I was reading Deb Ward's page, I found out that I won her giveaway of her flag painting. I am sooo excited to be getting one of her paintings! I will be watching the mail with intent this week :-) While reading Deb's latest blog, she inspired me to play with my page and update it. So I hope my new look is appealing to all. As you can see I changed the background from a blue violet to a pale pink. However, I kept the blue violet in some of the lettering. Hopefully, the colors I have chosen will complement my future work and make this page enjoyable to read. I also changed up the flow of the page by switching what is now on the left from the right. I think I like the look of this better. It seems to give me more writing space with this template. I was going through saved email and found my end of the year accountability newsletter. Allison encourages you to list your accomplishments for the year. This is to give you a assessment of where you are and where you need to go. So the following is my assessment of 2008: I created two paintings. I went to four exhibits at four different museums in Ohio. I went to five art show/exhibits. I entered three juried art exhibits. I was juried into two art exhibits. One in which I won Best of Show. I had my name and work featured in a news article. I made money this year from a competition and sale of my work. I took a watercolor portrait class. I painted with my art buddies on a regular basis during the summer. I subscribe to an art magazine. I met a fellow blog artist at one of the art exhibits I attended. I did a demo for the local high school advance art class on watercolor. This is the guide line that I used to create the intentions stated in the last post. Seeing everything listed puts my year into perspective. Hopefully, through my new intentions I can add to this list. I worked for several hours today on my next painting. It is drawn and blocked in ready for my next session. Back to work tomorrow. The two weeks off has been nice, but I am ready to get back to a routine. Gaylynn

Friday, January 2, 2009

Resolutions, Goals or Intentions

Now is the time that resolutions, goals or intentions are put out there. I have never been good at expressing my thoughts in these terms. I am not good at following through. Case in point is this blog. My intention when I began was to show my progress by painting a painting once a month and blogging about the progress on a weekly basis. Even by putting that out there I failed after three months. I am sporadic at best about blogging and I only created two paintings in 2008. However, after my win in October I feel the need to push myself so I am going to put myself out there (again) and hope for the best. I want to become more organized so that I can have time to create. I can do this by: - Inventory of my art supplies. - Organizing my art books. - Keep my art space less cluttered. I want to become a better painter. I can do this by: - Scheduling a minimum of two nights a week for painting. - Trying a workshop or local class in a watercolor technique that I have not tried. - Trying to paint "plein aire" as opposed to just painting outside. - Seeing exhibits at museums and galleries. I want to step up my game by: - Painting 5 or more paintings. - Entering 3 or more juried exhibits. - Obtaining commissions. - Participate in a group show. - Blog a minimum of once a week. - Meet more artists in my area. - Join an organization. I want to work on my marketing skills by: - Obtaining business cards. - Writing an Artist Statement. - Creating a mailing list. - Purchasing bookkeeping software. - Working on a portfolio. - Looking into creating prints and note cards of my paintings. I want to follow through on these intentions and hope those who read this let me know when I am falling behind by leaving your comment or emailing me. Wish me luck Gaylynn
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