Friday, January 2, 2009

Resolutions, Goals or Intentions

Now is the time that resolutions, goals or intentions are put out there. I have never been good at expressing my thoughts in these terms. I am not good at following through. Case in point is this blog. My intention when I began was to show my progress by painting a painting once a month and blogging about the progress on a weekly basis. Even by putting that out there I failed after three months. I am sporadic at best about blogging and I only created two paintings in 2008. However, after my win in October I feel the need to push myself so I am going to put myself out there (again) and hope for the best. I want to become more organized so that I can have time to create. I can do this by: - Inventory of my art supplies. - Organizing my art books. - Keep my art space less cluttered. I want to become a better painter. I can do this by: - Scheduling a minimum of two nights a week for painting. - Trying a workshop or local class in a watercolor technique that I have not tried. - Trying to paint "plein aire" as opposed to just painting outside. - Seeing exhibits at museums and galleries. I want to step up my game by: - Painting 5 or more paintings. - Entering 3 or more juried exhibits. - Obtaining commissions. - Participate in a group show. - Blog a minimum of once a week. - Meet more artists in my area. - Join an organization. I want to work on my marketing skills by: - Obtaining business cards. - Writing an Artist Statement. - Creating a mailing list. - Purchasing bookkeeping software. - Working on a portfolio. - Looking into creating prints and note cards of my paintings. I want to follow through on these intentions and hope those who read this let me know when I am falling behind by leaving your comment or emailing me. Wish me luck Gaylynn


Chris said...

You have some great, powerful goals to move your art career along. Best of luck with them!

Gaylynn said...

Thanks Chris

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