Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow and Ice

We are in our second day of snow and ice. There are power outages around the area. Luckily my home has been spared (so far). However, our truck did get hit with branches full of ice during the night. It cracked the windshield and dented a few spots on the hood. I am just glad no one got hurt. As I write this, we have been called with the cancellation for tomorrow. Yippee, I can paint some more! Once the snow and sleet stopped, it took my husband and daughter 3 hours to shovel our drive and clean off their vehicles. There is still a layer of ice on the driveway. I hope others in the area have fared well. With all this free time that the snow has given me, I have been working on the painting that I started two weeks ago. The fabrics are beginning to take shape. Planning to get even further tomorrow. :-) Let me know what you think. Gaylynn


Nancy Van Blaricom said...

So sorry to hear about your weather. We must have sent it your way after we had it earlier this month. Horrible stuff, but glad you are all ok.

Your new painting is wonderful. You've done a great job on all the fabric folds. Also, showing the curve of the back of the sofa... I love everything about this painting. It looks so fresh.

Deb Ward said...

Great fabric! Maybe a touch of something under the tufts in the comforter to sit them down?
Sorry about your truck - don't you love Cincinnati weather - probably be 60 next week!

Gaylynn said...

Nancy, Thanks for your comments. I appreciate the input.
Deb, I will take your critique back into the studio.
As for our weather...the news just announced that Jimmy Buffet will be back in August. After all the ice and snow (which I think it will take until then to go away :-), I think working that concert and summer sounds marvelous about now!

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