Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Project

I have been working the last few weeks on a drawing for a painting when I had to stop and begin another project. Our local Boys and Girls Club will be having a fundraiser on the March 7th. The organization is in the building that I work at. Last week their director came to me and asked if I would donate a painting for their silent auction. I know it is last minute, but I have been in the position that she is in. When my girls were in school I was Secretary of the PTO and we put on a silent auction luncheon every year. We took donations 9 months out and all the way up to the day of the event. So, I am not offended that she just now has asked for me to make a contribution. I also, am grateful for the help and patience her staff has for the students I work with. That is why I want to help if I can get this done. I am not someone with a lot of inventory because I paint to enter juried shows. That means I frame the paintings I have that are show/sale worthy. I only get about 2 or 3 paintings done in a year. I have some early pieces, but hope I do not have to use them since they do not reflect what I am doing today. So I am trying my best to get something done. To help in that process I have chosen to work small, 4 x 6. I usually paint 9 x12 up to 16 x 20. I am not a fast painter, so wish me luck that I can do this in a week. I only have evenings to work on it. I have about 5 hours of drawing then painting so far. I snapped this store front in our village a few summers back. I would like to come back to this subject in the future and do a larger piece. Gaylynn

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Trying to learn my new toy

This past Monday, Alyson Stanfield, from, talked about Expand Your Online Marketing. She talked about keeping your website(s)/blog(s) up to date; Be a conscious email user; and use social networks. In the first tip Alyson suggests that we keep our our sites up to date with things we are doing in the studio on a regular basis along with using the best photos of our work and then writing about the pieces. Alyson said to use words that describe and tell stories about the piece(s). The second tip on being a conscious email user means that you use your domain name in your email address because this helps advertise your website. Then create a personalized signature block that attaches to all outgoing e mail. Put your name and list all your web, blog, and social networking sites that you can be found. Always use the Bcc line so you do not pass all your contacts when you forward an email. You do not want to share your contacts. and last, sign up with a distribution service to send announcements and newsletters to your mailing lists. The last tip was to sign up for social networks like MySpace, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter.... Alyson believes that your presences on one or more of these sites will help you network your art. Once you have signed up for one (or more) of these accounts then add them to your Contact or About page, your email signature, and post them on your blog. I have been on Linkedin since last summer. I joined Facebook last week. My girls think it's a hoot that their mother is getting into the "tech" world. I spent the last week updating both sites and adding them to my email signature. The lingo and reading of "walls" on my page and others can keep you on the computer forever. I really lose time and will have to monitor that when I get on them to update or "read" my contacts pages. Then Valentines day came yesterday and my sweet "techie" husband surprised me with an I-Touch I-Pod. How timely was that! So I have spent all day today learning how to work this new toy :-) I can use this device for music I have downloaded, as well as, check this blog and others, my email, Facebook and Linkedin accounts if wireless Internet is available. I can use it like a PDA with the calendar, contact addressbook, and notepad. I think I am going to like this toy. Which brings me to my weekly updating of my blog and explaining why paint has not touched paper. I am still drawing in between my new tech discoveries. Now just figuring out how and when I will be able to balance all these sites, painting, housework and my day job. So I will be trying to take advantage of these on line tools one day at a time. Does anyone else manage several sites and how are you at keeping up? Gaylynn

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Nap Time With My Best Friend Watercolor I am at the point that I need to put this painting away to see if I am done. So put away it is and on to the next. Gaylynn

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

It is super bowl Sunday and the sun came out today. All the sunshine melted our long driveway. My hubby, daughter and her boyfriend spent some time chipping and scrapping the slush off the driveway.The melting has created a small stream down the drive into the creek. Hopefuly it does not freeze and cause a ski ramp effect or leaving will be ugly in the morning. The trees have melted also. Where they once were white and icy and I was not able to see our road, now the trunks are displayed and the road is visible from our home. School should resume tomorrow and my unplanned vacation from work will end :-) I spent a lot of time in the studio on Friday. On my last post I got feed back from Deb Ward and Nancy VanBlaircom. Deb suggested that I give the tufts some "meat" under them so I did. Thanks Deb. I then worked some on the back pillows and my dog. Nancy cheered me on so I plan to get done this week. Cheerleaders are always welcome :-) Well back to reality and super bowl commercials. Gaylynn
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