Sunday, March 29, 2009

Social Sites Revisited

I have been lazy these past few weeks. Not in things I am doing, but in writing on this blog. I have been busy with a daughter home for her break, then I had mine. So now it is time to get back to all aspects of work. During my absences I ordered business cards for the first time. I also had postcards made of my winning painting at Java, Jazz n' Art last October. I am pleased on how they turned out. So I am excited for my painting groups exhibit in May. I am feeling professional! Also, during this break from blogging I have given a lot of time to the other tech sites I have begun and talked about previously. I was skeptical of the marketing gurus suggestions to become apart of this world. The story is still out. I am up to date on my Linkedin site and have informed a few people getting ready to graduate college about getting connected there. For myself, I am not looking for a job so I do not see it actually helping me in the present. However, I see the value for this site will keep it going. As for Facebook....I have found that most of who I am Linkedin with are also on FB. I am more involved in my daughters, nieces, nephews and their friends lives through this social site :-) I am glad that what I post here is also shown on FB notes. So in that aspect I think it is good. I have pictures of all my paintings posted there as well. I can, however, see the addiction that can occur in wanting to read and see everyone's pictures. FB stalking is what my girls call it. lol I have found my painting buddies, as well as, some college friends that I have enjoyed catching up with. So like checking my email I will only check this site once a day. If I do not limit myself I would be checking it often and become an FB voyeur like so many others do. lol I also have signed up for Twitter. I have not actually participated on this site as of yet. I will have to follow this for awhile through my I-pod to give it a shot (I do not have access to a computer throughout my work day). Twitter, and for the most part FB, is about speaking a sentence or two telling, for those who want to know, what you are doing at any given minute. Even though I will give this site a chance my first reaction is that I do not get it (especially since I do FB). I am not seeing the need to say something periodically so everyone knows what I am thinking or doing. This could be my age. I think those who have grown up in todays world (30 and below) wanting to have instant information, images, etc. understand the need or want to share every aspect of their lives with everyone. Like FB, and yes blogging, this site has the possibilities to be very time consuming and I personally do not have the access or time to participate rigorously. I think the time I give to blogging or reading blogs has, at times, taken too much from my day. Therefore, that is why I usually only give one day a week to writing here. Otherwise I would never get anything done in my world. If you try these social sites or presently participate in them let me know what you think about them. Gaylynn


debwardart said...

Good for you - I haven't even attempted FB or Twitter - sounds like it would (a) be "over my middle aged head" or (b) take even more time out of my day (as you said).
It is easy to get too attached to this internet - as bad as too much TV watching! - but more fun! We just have to do what we can - I think blogging will be "it" for me!
Hope you are getting some time to paint soon.

Jessica said...

Mom you need to come to the dark side and check FB more than one time a day! :)

Nancy Tomasella said...

Nancy said : Great watercolor Artist you are , Ms. Gaylynnmrobinson .
April 19, 2009

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