Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summerfair is celebrating 42 years

"For over 40 years, Summerfair has been supporting and promoting artists and the arts in Greater Cincinnati. The organization's activities include: supports for individual artists including grants and exhibitions; community-based art activities and events; and a nationally-recognized annual fine arts fair. Summerfair is the largest non-government source of grants for individual artists in our area. The organization also helps promote artists to the local community through exhibitions, its annual art festival, and smaller community-specific events. Summerfair also supports young artists through scholarships, workshops, exhibitions and by facilitating opportunities for students to interact with working artists. This is the 42nd year for the nationally recognized fine arts and crafts fair that includes watercolor paintings, jewelry, garden art, hand-blown glass and other old-time crafts. More than 20,000 people are expected to attend the three-day event. Summerfair continues throughout the weekend at Coney Island."(from I just got back from working at Summerfair. I work at Coney Island part time. Today I worked, but yesterday I was able to go through the fair as a patron. Artist a juried in from all over the country. There are around 300+ booths. Many medias are represented: Painting, sculpture, cereamics, metals, leather/fiber, jewelry, glass, wood and some craft. After you go through the booths then you can listen to the vocal artists and different types of dancing on the performance stages. There is an area to see youth art work, as well as, a place for little ones to create their own masterpieces. Many of the artist are very friendly and enjoy conversation. I have become friends with a potterer, Don McWhorter from Carrollton, Georgia. (His work to the left) We get together each year and catch up on family and our own art accomplishments. His work amazes me. It is decorative as well as functional. It leans toward Middle Eastern in design. Until I bought a vase (and many other pieces) I would not have thought my taste leaned toward that style. Yet, in its earth tones fits my home so well. I have two local friends that had booths. One makes baskets, Jean Perkinson, while the other makes jewelry. My jeweler friend, Angie Dressie, got in for the first time. She also paints and was one of the artist from the show I just did. This is my favorite event to attend. Especially, on days like today where it was partly cloudy and a fabulous breeze. I admire these artist that go from fair to fair and endure the weather. Do you show your work art fairs small or large? Local or travel a far? Do you have a favorite fair that you like to attend or show you wares? Leave me a comment to share your story. Gaylynn

Saturday, May 23, 2009

More Pictures from May 17th Show

Here are some more pictures of last weeks show. Patrons and friends looking around the show. In picture 2; Artists Norm and Jim watching patrons JM and TL as they look at Dodie Loewe's work. Frame 3 is of Artist Sharon Leonard's paintings. I have to apologize to her that I did not get her Pic next to her area. I also do not have Dave Ross and Jim Hand who had pieces in the show. The following pics are of participating artist next to there work. Picture 1 is Norm Abrams. Picture 2 is Jim Woods and Picture 3 is Sandy Olukalns. Pictue 1 is Dodie Loewe; 2 is Angie Dressie and Carolyn Bledsoe is picture 3. The group calls themselves "Legendary Artist Group" because that is the subdivision that we paint near. The group meets on Thursday mornings to paint together. We are not an official club. We are just artists that like to work together for the spirit and camaraderie. In the group, two like to sculpt as well as paint. Our mediums are varied (oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastels). Angie makes jewelry and Sharon, Dodie and Carolyn make note cards. Dodie belongs to the Women's Art Club of Cincinnati and shares a studio loft at Pendelton. The rest of us work in our homes. The past two summers we gathered once a month in our village to paint together outside in a park. We have done this to help bring business to ourselves and the villages businesses. By no means was this en plein aire in the true sense of the phrase. We just painted on something we had going as opposed to the sights around us. I am proud to be apart of this group. I am looking forward to summer beginning so I can be apart of the weekly painting sessions and fun again. Gaylynn

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Legendary Artist Group Show

WOW what a day! I went into the day not sure what to expect and walked away with a deep appreciation for all my family a friends that supported me today. Not only was I supported, but so were the other nine artists that participated today. The first patrons came ten minutes before we opened and the flow of people never stopped until the end of the show. I would guess that 300 people came through during the 4 hours. It was a beautiful day outside! Patrons were able to view our art pieces, grab a drink and enjoy the weather on the patio. I had many positive comments from several patrons, as did everyone and three members of the group were lucky enough to have a sale or two. I went into this with anxiety on whether I could live up to their past shows. You know, will the public like my work? Will I bring in new faces and be an asset to the day? I worried for naught...this is the best group of artists to be associated with. They are encouraging and supportive of each other. I have to say how lucky I was when my framer introduced me to them. This was such a positive experience and I can not wait to do it again. Thanks to Deb Ward (see her link on the left of the page) for her support and answering my questions leading into this event. Thanks to my daughter and her boyfriend (the strong guy) for all their help on Saturday's set up. Thank you to all who came and made my day special! Gaylynn

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to All

Happy Mother's day to everyone! One week to the show. I am not sure what I am feeling. As I told my sister this morning, I am anxious with a calm (for now). She asked what the difference was between a juried show and a show of your work; you still put yourself out there. My response with out hesitation was that this was personal. This is personal, because it is a body of my work. When you enter a juried show it is a competition so you either get in or you don't. If you do not then you work harder to get in the next one. This is asking everyone to come see your work as a whole. And if you are lucky you might sell one of those babies that you worked so hard to produce. It becomes an issue of whether or not the viewers will like me? Me being my paintings. This is the first time I have ever put myself out there in this manner. This is the third show for the rest of the group. All my friends and family have been invited to attend, as well as, are theirs and the general public. I will still be one of many artists, like a juried show, and I think that is why I am calm for now. However, I keep worrying whether I will bring in my share of patrons. I know by inviting me to present my art, I bring in a new customer base. Will I make a sale? Will I be okay if I do not? Do I have enough pieces? Is there really a set number of paintings you should paint before you put yourself out there for sales? Am I being naive about the whole process? As I asked one member of the I over thinking everything? Click on comment and tell me about your first show and how you felt going into it and how it turned out. Gaylynn

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Two Weeks to Legendary Art Show

Today I went with my interns to our local Special Olympics. It started out cold and then the sun came out and shined on the athletes. I was very proud of my group for coming, trying their hardest and achieving their medals that they took home. It was a great time. On May 17th, the local painting group that I paint with is having a show at the pool clubhouse in the Legendary sub division that we all live near. It is a one day show featuring me and six other artist (listed on the left). I invite everyone to join us for an afternoon of art and refreshments. This show is in its 3rd year, but the first time that I will participate in a show of any kind. I am excited and nervous. I have, also, been polling some of my art buddies near and far for tips. Tips like what do I need to take for the show (beside the obvious). My blog pal, Deb Ward, gave me some great tips on being prepared with business cards (which I have), bio and artist statements if someone might be interested, note cards and matted pieces in sleeves so I have a range of prices. Unfortunately, the latter two I do not have, but I will make note to achieve these items for next year. If anyone else has tips they would like to pass along please click on comment and let me know. Gaylynn
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