Saturday, May 23, 2009

More Pictures from May 17th Show

Here are some more pictures of last weeks show. Patrons and friends looking around the show. In picture 2; Artists Norm and Jim watching patrons JM and TL as they look at Dodie Loewe's work. Frame 3 is of Artist Sharon Leonard's paintings. I have to apologize to her that I did not get her Pic next to her area. I also do not have Dave Ross and Jim Hand who had pieces in the show. The following pics are of participating artist next to there work. Picture 1 is Norm Abrams. Picture 2 is Jim Woods and Picture 3 is Sandy Olukalns. Pictue 1 is Dodie Loewe; 2 is Angie Dressie and Carolyn Bledsoe is picture 3. The group calls themselves "Legendary Artist Group" because that is the subdivision that we paint near. The group meets on Thursday mornings to paint together. We are not an official club. We are just artists that like to work together for the spirit and camaraderie. In the group, two like to sculpt as well as paint. Our mediums are varied (oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastels). Angie makes jewelry and Sharon, Dodie and Carolyn make note cards. Dodie belongs to the Women's Art Club of Cincinnati and shares a studio loft at Pendelton. The rest of us work in our homes. The past two summers we gathered once a month in our village to paint together outside in a park. We have done this to help bring business to ourselves and the villages businesses. By no means was this en plein aire in the true sense of the phrase. We just painted on something we had going as opposed to the sights around us. I am proud to be apart of this group. I am looking forward to summer beginning so I can be apart of the weekly painting sessions and fun again. Gaylynn

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debwardart said...

Thanks for the photos and explanation of the name of the group - I thought you all were "legendary artists" - or perhaps "legends in your own minds"!!! Seriously, some nice work and I note some sold pieces! Great job to all.
Glad you will be able to paint with your friends this summer - get lots of paintings completed so you can enter the fall art shows!

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