Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summerfair is celebrating 42 years

"For over 40 years, Summerfair has been supporting and promoting artists and the arts in Greater Cincinnati. The organization's activities include: supports for individual artists including grants and exhibitions; community-based art activities and events; and a nationally-recognized annual fine arts fair. Summerfair is the largest non-government source of grants for individual artists in our area. The organization also helps promote artists to the local community through exhibitions, its annual art festival, and smaller community-specific events. Summerfair also supports young artists through scholarships, workshops, exhibitions and by facilitating opportunities for students to interact with working artists. This is the 42nd year for the nationally recognized fine arts and crafts fair that includes watercolor paintings, jewelry, garden art, hand-blown glass and other old-time crafts. More than 20,000 people are expected to attend the three-day event. Summerfair continues throughout the weekend at Coney Island."(from I just got back from working at Summerfair. I work at Coney Island part time. Today I worked, but yesterday I was able to go through the fair as a patron. Artist a juried in from all over the country. There are around 300+ booths. Many medias are represented: Painting, sculpture, cereamics, metals, leather/fiber, jewelry, glass, wood and some craft. After you go through the booths then you can listen to the vocal artists and different types of dancing on the performance stages. There is an area to see youth art work, as well as, a place for little ones to create their own masterpieces. Many of the artist are very friendly and enjoy conversation. I have become friends with a potterer, Don McWhorter from Carrollton, Georgia. (His work to the left) We get together each year and catch up on family and our own art accomplishments. His work amazes me. It is decorative as well as functional. It leans toward Middle Eastern in design. Until I bought a vase (and many other pieces) I would not have thought my taste leaned toward that style. Yet, in its earth tones fits my home so well. I have two local friends that had booths. One makes baskets, Jean Perkinson, while the other makes jewelry. My jeweler friend, Angie Dressie, got in for the first time. She also paints and was one of the artist from the show I just did. This is my favorite event to attend. Especially, on days like today where it was partly cloudy and a fabulous breeze. I admire these artist that go from fair to fair and endure the weather. Do you show your work art fairs small or large? Local or travel a far? Do you have a favorite fair that you like to attend or show you wares? Leave me a comment to share your story. Gaylynn

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debwardart said...

Glad you enjoyed the show - before the winds, rain and hail! I didn't make it this year, but maybe next.
Used to enjoy Berea, KY art festivals, but they have changed over the years (all good things must end, etc.) Also the Madison, IN Chatauqua but have not been there in several years - it's in the fall, maybe I'll go again this year to check it out!

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