Saturday, May 2, 2009

Two Weeks to Legendary Art Show

Today I went with my interns to our local Special Olympics. It started out cold and then the sun came out and shined on the athletes. I was very proud of my group for coming, trying their hardest and achieving their medals that they took home. It was a great time. On May 17th, the local painting group that I paint with is having a show at the pool clubhouse in the Legendary sub division that we all live near. It is a one day show featuring me and six other artist (listed on the left). I invite everyone to join us for an afternoon of art and refreshments. This show is in its 3rd year, but the first time that I will participate in a show of any kind. I am excited and nervous. I have, also, been polling some of my art buddies near and far for tips. Tips like what do I need to take for the show (beside the obvious). My blog pal, Deb Ward, gave me some great tips on being prepared with business cards (which I have), bio and artist statements if someone might be interested, note cards and matted pieces in sleeves so I have a range of prices. Unfortunately, the latter two I do not have, but I will make note to achieve these items for next year. If anyone else has tips they would like to pass along please click on comment and let me know. Gaylynn

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