Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society and Cincinnati Art Museum

It is a rainy day so I am catching up..... Last week I attended the Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society's meeting. It was my first time attending and everyone was very friendly. Each month they have a guest speaker and demo. This month was member Leonard Williams. Leonard paints in watercolor and casein. Today he informed us about casein and gave a demonstration. Casein is only made by the company Shiva. Casein is a milk binder paint mostly used by illustrators in the 40's and 50's. Casein is limited to basic colors and can be painted on watercolor board or paper. The paint dries fairly quickly and takes about a month to cure. Casein has a flat finish. The painting can be buffed with a soft cloth to create a sheen then varnished. By varnishing an artist does not need to put the painting under glass when framed. Like oils, you paint dark to light. Water is used to thin casein down and move the paint like watercolor. Casein is not to be painted heavy or thickly like acrylics because it can become brittle. However, like acrylics you can layer quickly. It was very interesting to learn about. I was impressed with the smooth slick look when a painting was completed. To the left a finished painting by Leonard. You can learn more about Leonard Williams at You can learn about Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society at Beside visiting GCWS last week, I went for a visit to the Cincinnati Art Museum. My girlfriend had been on a tour led by a man from her church. The tour went to religious art works. She took me to the paintings that she had learned about. Taking a tour for a specific purpose gives you a new perspective on what you are looking at. We looked at paintings that I have seen, but have not given much time to. Once seen with the history or story behind them gives them a new meaning. I enjoyed learning about the paintings this way. I am always amazed with the big name artist that our museum houses. I learn something every time I go. I hope no matter where you live you take advantage of the museums in your area. If you can, take a docent led tour to learn all you can about the collection. At CAM they are scheduled throughout the day or you can set up a time for a private/group tour. Among my favorites are the two Sargent's and they are a must to see for me each time I go. What is your favorite pieces in your museum? Have you taken a docent led tour? OR have you taken a class? OR listened to a lecture about a piece of artwork housed at the museum or a traveling exhibit? Leave a comment and tell me about your experiences. Gaylynn

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debwardart said...

So glad you enjoyed the meeting, hope to see you in July!

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