Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New painting WIP

School has been out for two weeks tomorrow. I spent that time organizing my studio space and cleaning my house. Now it is time to get back to business. I began the painting to the left. It is from a picture that I took while visiting a friend in Switzerland. I hope that I can capture the feeling of the ladies in the window. It is a start. I am trying to do the 20 hour per week studio challenge that Lori Woodward Simons has put out there. http://www.woodwardsimons.com/blog Lori stated, "Let's spur each other on to greater productivity with quality. We'll all feel better if we spend more time in the studio, and at the very least, we'll have a body of work that we can feel proud of." Since I am always trying to increase my intent and accountability, I accepted the challenge. I thought it would be a good way to figure out my time per painting i.e. research, drawing, painting and to the framer. I have been asked that question and had no way of answering so I always guessed. Last week I put in 8 hours after spending two days organizing my studio. If you count everything that deals with my art then I put in 8 hours drawing/painting; 12 hours organizing studio; 1 hour blogging. Those numbers get me over 20 in the studio, but only 8 creating. I have begun this week with 5 already so I hope to report better numbers on next weeks blog. As for my studio area...I reorganized because a daughter came home from college for the summer. If I had not cleaned and put things away then I would have been working around all her things. Talk about a creativity stopper. I also got two file cabinets and a metal cabinet from another daughter. This has allowed me to put boxes (of things I have saved over the years) into the drawers and create files for teaching or business. The metal cabinet holds all my paper for painting/drawing and supplies for travel/en plien aire, etc... I have also placed my completed drawing tablets in the cabinet so I have references when I need them. I finally feel professional with everything in its place and easier to find or store. It almost makes up for being in the basement :-) Over the weekend I attended three grad parties. So hats off to those high school and college grads. While at one party I was introduced to a nice gentleman who appreciates artists. We traded stories and pictures of our work. He "dabbles" in woodwork. I found his chests amazing. I wish I had a picture to share. Lets just say his family members are lucky to receive a piece of his craftsmanship to mark special occasions. How are your work ethics? Do you need someone to make you accountable or cheer you on? How do you keep focused? How about your studio...Is it clean and clutter free? Or do you need the clutter? Are you a professional or someone like me who paints seriously when job/time allows? Do you have to sell your work to make a living or do you just like to paint for the next show to enter? Leave a comment to share your story. Gaylynn

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debwardart said...

Looks like you have a nice, big area to work in. Some time back I posted a lovely photo of my work area - which is still no where near cleaned up - I need more hours in my day!
Good luck to you achieving your goal of 20 hours a week (and I think I'm going to begin keeping track of my time, too - but I'll most likely be depressed!)

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