Sunday, June 21, 2009

WIP of window with a reflected scene

Happy Father's Day! Especially to my hubs and my Dad. I hope they have a great day :-) I feel I am about half way done...that is with the window. I left my reference photo slightly showing so you can see my progress. I am not sure how to replicate the window pane with its old glass and its textured look. Since I have not done a textured window before, I am trying masking fluid on top off already painted layers and hope when I pull it off after a few more layers it will achieve the look and feel I want. We shall see. If anyone has any tips or suggestions, please leave me a comment. Gaylynn

1 comment:

debwardart said...

Gee - pick something hard, why don't ya!!! Look forward to seeing how the masking technique works.

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