Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Greetings from Sanibel Island, Fla.

My family is on vacation this week in Florida. I took a shot of my painting before I left so that I could update everyone on it's progress. I had some of my "Legendary" friends critique it for me. They all agreed that the dark open window was toooo dark and took away from the reflections on either side and the flowers. At this point if I tried to take some of the dark out it would turn chalky. One friend suggested a curtain. I was not wanting to paint over the table scene. So I began researching lace or sheer curtains. I found a sheer that is pulled up like a roman blind. I liked that it was sheer lace and the bottom created a shape that would throw the eye back to the flowers. So with blind faith (no pun intended ;-), I sketched on tracing paper the sheer and added it to the painting. My first thought was that I had just ruined it! But, as I kept working, I think it was the right thing to add. You can check a previous post to compare the before and after. A little more tweaking when I get home and I can call it done. YAY! As for vacation...we are enjoying the sun. I am getting some nice pictures and shell hunting is the best in the world here on Sanibel. I swore that I would not pick up any and yet I found that I could not help myself as I take walks on the beach. I don't have the buckets full like when my girls were little, thank goodness. Let me know what you think of the painting or share your vacation in comments. Gaylynn


debwardart said...

Good critique from your painting friends. It brightens up the painting - IT'S DONE! As for vacation - been to Sanibel/Ft. Myers - beautiful area. Take a long walk on the beach, swishing your feet at the edge of the breakers for me!

Gaylynn said...

Thanks Deb. Took those walks...now I have tight calves and shuffle when I walk. lol See you wednesday

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