Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Start of school

I just want to leave a brief post on what I am up to. School has begun and I am swamped with work. I really like our new Interns and I am excited to get them out into their jobs. I am happy to see the interns that returned. They are so much fun. I did take the painting that I fretted with all summer (window with people in the panes) to the framers. I titled it "Lunch Anyone". I have applied to our local gallery to show my paintings and I am waiting to see if I get in. I have sent in my paperwork for the Java, Jazz n' Art Show in October. Now to get the theme painting done. The theme is "the River" since we are a river town. This is difficult to find the right scene to paint. I have, also, entered the painting "Best Friends Napping" and "Lunch Anyone". These two will be in the open category of the show. The difference this year from last is your paintings are juried to be in the show then juried for prizes. Last year everyone that entered got in and then every painting was judged for prizes. A little tougher this time. So, if I do not get back for a week or two please forgive me as I am working hard toward the October show. Gaylynn

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