Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park

Today my friend and I went to Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park ( ) near Hamilton, Ohio. They were having a Art Fair among the sculptures. The park started on private property of Harry Wilks. He built his residence on 40 rolling acres. The house is underground with a glass pyramid over his living area. The house is not open to the public. He then expanded to 265 acres when he and his board decided that they wanted to preserve a nature area. Most of the sculptures are among the hills and trees by donation. Some are permanent installations or on show for short term. You can walk on the paved roads to get around the park. Other options were to rent a golf cart or drive through in your car. There were places to pull off and park so you can get out and get a closer look. We did a little walking and some driving. The hills are killers to walk if you are not a hiker. If you are a hiker they also have trails for you to walk. The first sculpture on the left is called The Birth of Adam. It is surrounded by a rose garden. I really liked how it appeared to be coming out of the earth. It was a pretty garden even though the roses were at the end of their blooming season. There were many garden areas throughout the park.
The building that my friend and I enjoyed the most was the Ancient Sculpture Museum. The building is modeled after a Roman house, complete with a garden open to the sky, in the center. A wide, covered cloistered styled walkway encircles the garden, with sixteen custom carved, stone columns supporting the red tile roof. The unique design of the building was inspired by several trips that Harry Wilks, the founder of the park, made to Italy and other spots in the old Roman Empire.
The exhibits in this building are various pieces of ancient sculpture dating from the Roman Empire, the Egyptian Dynasties, the ancient Greek civilization and the Etruscan culture. The collection is one of the largest collections in the Midwest and features many rare items not exhibited in other museums. The collection was assembled only from purchases made from the international auction houses of Sotheby’s and Christie’s over the last 29 years by Mr. Wilks. So the sculpture, above on the right, is a bust of a Roman Muse, circa 1st century A.D. I liked the this marble face because it was mostly in tact. Only the tip of the nose was missing. Making it to the present in such great shape is amazing. The next marble piece, on the left, is a torso of a woman. They called it a statue of the Goddess Diana, circa 2nd/3rd century A.D. I really was impressed with the folds and bunching of the fabric chiseled into the marble. The only piece that was fragile, on the right, was Figure of a Woman with a Mirror, made of Greek Terracotta from the late 4th/early 3rd century B.C. I have only showed her side view because my front had too many shadows. However, you could see the folds of her gown, the waves of her hair and every finger is still in tact. It was beautiful. I enjoyed the very overcast day discovering this gem on the outskirts of Cincinnati with my friend. Oh, and the art fair was a small bonus for the day. I recommend, to those in my area, to pack a picnic and take a drive to Pyramid Hill Sculpture park. It was a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Gaylynn

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Yard Sale Finds

I went to the little church that my painting group, The Legendary Artists Group, paint at on every other Thursday mornings. On Saturday, the church had a yard sale and I got a GREAT deal on two pieces. I took my mother-in-law because she had seen the sale on her way to visit. I was not expecting to find anything. I did not even get my purse out of the truck. I did not even have any cash on me. Yet, I was lucky enough to find a small, 26 " x 38", antique table with one small drawer. This table is perfect to hold my palettes, brushes and water container next to my easel. I cannot begin to describe how happy I am to have a table to hold all my equipment on one space. I also picked up a wood drafting table, 36" x 42". The top is so much bigger than the small laminate one that I had picked up at another yard sale a few years back (thanks Lora). I am thinking I will use the new one for another painting space because I could tape the paper right to it. I think I will keep the small one for drawing (unless I do another 16" x 20" or larger). Thanks to my daughter, who also came along, because she loaned her mother the cash. :-) Have you ever stumbled on to something that just fits your studio or found tools that you use in your art that have become your favorite? It just makes you happy when you use them. Leave a comment and tell me about it. Gaylynn

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Paddeling the Ohio

Paddeling the Ohio Watercolor/Gouache 16x20 300 lb. Arches I am finally done. The tweaking I did was to add some red to the trees and tightened up the canoers. Tomorrow I will take it to Diane at Frames of Mind in New Richmond. Lunch Anyone? Watercolor/Gouache 10 x 12 300 lb. Arches Best Friends Napping Watercolor 13 x 17 300lb. Arches I am entering all three paintings into the Java, Jazz n' Art. Paddeling the Ohio will be entered under the "River" theme category. The other two paintings will be in the "Open" category. Hopefully, they all will be juried in. I will keep you posted. Gaylynn
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Monday, September 14, 2009

WIP - Paddeling on the Ohio

I am at the point that I only have a little tweaking to do this evening, but basically I can call this one done. A year ago today, we lost our power to the "hurricane" that came through the Ohio valley. My household was without electricity for 9 days. That is when I finished "Two Men and a Barge", for the Java, Jazz n' Art show. We were out of school for three of those 9 days. The sunny, mild days on my deck were a blessings enabling me to get that painting done. I hope by finishing on the anniversary of this wind storm will bring me luck. :-) Let me know what you think about the painting. I will be taking it to the framer before the week is out. Gaylynn P.S. For those entering a brick for the 8th Annual Breast Cancer Brick Auction, they are due next week, Sept. 25th. If you have nay questions check the website

Monday, September 7, 2009

"Paddeling the Ohio" WIP

I have to say that I really hated drawing this one. All the technical of the bridge. However, once I began painting it, I have enjoyed it so far. The background and bridge are almost done. This is largest watercolor I have done to date. It is 16 x 20. I chose to go this large because I felt the canoes would get lost with the expanse of the bridge if it was smaller. With the larger scale they will be seen. The large scale might be why it has become fun. The brush strokes are large and free so far. So the next obstacle will be the water. The goal is to be done in two weeks so I can get it to the framer. That will give her two weeks to get it framed for the Oct. 10 Java, Jazz n' Art show. No pressure here...actually, I think I do better with a date towering over my head then too much time to procrastinate. Catch ya at next weeks update. Gaylynn

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Paddeling the Ohio

I have begun my next painting. It is a "river" scene for the Java, Jazz n' Art show. There is a the river theme and open theme prize. It is a view of the Ohio river under the I-275 bridge. This was approximately 8:30am with Paddelfest participants starting their trek, from Coney Island, down the river towards the serpentine wall /public landing in Cincinnati. It is 16 X 20 and I have approximately 20 days to finish it an get it to the framer two weeks prior to delivery to the show. Speaking of framing...I just got back "Lunch Anyone" from the framer. I personally am not happy with it. I had it framed for show, which means the mat is white and the frame is black. I thought my framer and I picked a a fabulous frame. The frame has an "old world" feel with a twine running through it and gold trim on the inside near the 3" mat. I think the painting looks dull. Maybe it is me. I will have to live with it a few days. We will see. Thank you all for being patient with me as I got back into the swing of school again. I am still swamped with paperwork, but I am seeing the light and things are becoming smoother with each day. Gaylynn P.S. Reminding you that your bricks are due on Sept. 25th for the 8th Annual Breast Cancer Auction. Check the website if you have any questions
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