Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall leaves at Spring Grove Cemetery

Today a group of my friends and I spent the afternoon on a walking tour of Spring Grove Cemetery ( on the northwest side of Cincinnati in what is refereed to Mill Valley. Along our walk we enjoyed the many colorful fall foliage. The trees color were so rich and just plain gorgeous! It was perfect walking weather and my group thoroughly had a great day. In our group were people from the young (3) to the elderly (80's). We took pictures and helped push a lady in a wheel chair as everyone listened with intent to the guides information that she shared about the cemetery, tombstones, memorials and the trees. One of my favorite mausoleums was a small building that had an Art Deco metal door of a woman (pictured below left). When you walked up to door and peeked through the cut outs, you saw a exquisite Tiffany window (pictured below right). There are 733 acres, but only 400 are being used and maintained. The cemetery dates back to 1844when Cincinnati's Horticultural Society formed the cemetery association. In 1855 Adolph Strauch was hired to renovate the grounds. His format is a "garden cemetery" which is made of lakes, trees and shrubs. They still follow this format today. Mr. Strauch did not want the cemetary to become a National Cemetery with all its markers right next to each other and rows as far as the eye can see. Because the association has kept to the original plan, in 1987 they officially became known as the Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum. This betters represents its remarkable collection of both native and exotic trees, as well as, State and National trees. There are 12 ponds on the grounds. All man made from natural springs. There are many tombstones and memorials with their own stories. Some of the mausoleums were done in Gothic Revival Architecture. There are 40 Civil War Generals, Govenors from Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky and many notables from Cincinnati's history, such as, Salmon P. Chase (Chief Justice of the United States), Levi Coffin (Abolitionist), President Wm. Howard Taft's parents, William Proctor and James Gamble(P&G), Bernard Kroger (Kroger Grocery stores), from the present, Skip Prosser (former Xavier & Wake Forest Basketball Coach) and many others. Several in our group were taking pictures. While talking with one lady we both discovered that we painted and have taken a class from the same teacher. It was nice to talk shop with her. If you check out their website go to events to learn when they are having tours. I can not wait until spring to see the spring flowers and trees in bloom. Gaylynn (as a side note: I see that my blog/GCWS buddies also have posted about places they visited this week. Deb Ward debwardart and Rhonda Carpenter Watercolors and Words )

Monday, October 19, 2009

A Blogging Award and How to get a class started

My blogging and Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society buddy, Deb Ward (debwardart), honored me with the Kreataiv Blogger Award. Thanks Deb! I am to tell 7 things about myself, then pass the award on to 7 other bloggers that I admire. So here goes... 1. I have been married for 28 years. 2. I have 3 grown daughters. 3. I began painting when I was 12 (in oils). 4. I went to Eastern Kentucky University for an Art Education Degree where I discovered acrylics. 5. I have been painting in watercolor for 8 years. 6. I love to travel, especially to island/beaches. 7. I have been to London and Paris (and all those fabulous museums) twice. Whew! That was not easy. It is like getting brain freeze. As I listed something I kept asking myself "Do I want to share this?" or "Would they really want to know this?" Anyway, on to the next step, listing my 7 favorite blogs. Let me begin by saying that I would place Deb here if I could. Realism in Watercolors Jacqueline Gnott -I enjoy here very realistic florals. Exploring Color & Creativity Nita Leleand -I have learned so much from her books. My Little Paint Box Pablo Villicana Lara -Her sketches look like finished pieces. A Painting Today Karin Jurick -I am amazed by her brush strokes and ease of small 6x6 paintings. Paintings in Oil Neil Hollingsworth - I love the way he takes ordinary items and makes them enjoyable to look at. Nicole Caulfield Art Journal Nicole Caulfield -Her still lifes in colored pencil are fantastic! The Extraordinary Pencil Marsha Robinett -Her blog title says it all (I hope she is feeling better). I have lots and lots of blogs in my library and I enjoy each and everyone of them. I enjoy the blogger that tells a good story; that has exquisite work; that shows the process of art and the one who gives great tips. Anyone that connects with others deserves to have all of the blogging wards passed their way. I hope you check the above 7 and enjoy them as much as I do. Now for the second part of my title.... I recently tried to get a watercolor class going at our local gallery. Only 2 signed up so we have to post pone the class until we can get a few more. We had two articles in the local paper about the classes beginning at the gallery. It was advertised at the Java, Jazz n' Art. So my question of the week is...How did you get a class that you wanted to teach up and running? Was it already going and you stepped in? Did you use the words beginning watercolors or beginning oil to get the class started? Did you give a one day demo or workshop? These are some of the things the gallery owner and I were pondering. Please leave a comment and tell me your story. Gaylynn

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Secret Artworks, SHHH!!!

My next project is for ARTWORKS ( . This is an award winning fund raising project called Secret Artworks featuring the exhibition and sale of 5"X7" works by local, national and international artists. Every piece of artwork sells for $75. The "secret" is the identity of the artists. Their names are on the back of the painting and is only revealed when it is sold. More than 750 Artists and over 3,000 pieces have been exhibited since the beginning of this event in 2006. This event provides artists with paid opportunities around the community. Secret Artworks is the only time that artists are asked to donate their talent. Last year they raised $65,000. Some local, national and international artists that have participated in the past 3 years were: John A. Ruthven, Michael Scott, Steven Powers, Pam Kravetz, Cole Carothers, Kris Cimmings, Carol Abbott, Tina clyburn, Vera Curnow, Joann Honschopp, M. Katherine Hurley, Dodie Loewe, Velma J. Morris, Sara Mulhauser, Nancy N. Neville, Bobbi Thies and many others. The event is November 20, 2009 at the Westin Hotel, downtown Cincinnati. Non-artist pay $100 to attend the party and have the opportunity to pick one of the artworks. At the party, artist can meet their peers and potential patrons alike. Major Networking in one evening. I was asked by a friend to participate this year. I thought it sounded fun. I am hoping to meet some of the artist that I admire around town. Who knows maybe I will come home with a piece of my own. :-) I have to have my entry handed in by Oct. 30. After the event I will post my painting. Gaylynn

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Java, Jazz n' Art '09 Weekend

Well the Java, Jazz n' Art has come and gone. I was lucky to have all three of the paintings that I entered make it into the show. So did some of my friends that I paint with in the Legendary Artists Group and the Cincinnati Watercolor society and other artists friends. Sad for me that I did not win anything. The show was juried by three people this year. M. Katherine Hurley (who is a landscape artist that paints in oil), Gary Gleason (Owner of Miller Gallery in Hyde Park/Cincinnati, OH and Winter Park/Orlando, Fla.) and Ana England (Artist/Professor @ Northern Kentucky Univ.) There were 92 pieces from 42 artists in the show and seven paintings sold! The Awards were given at the reception on Friday evening. We had rain all day. It let up for about an hour so the artists and their guests could go to the three venues that held the art work. To the left, is the River Theme winner. It is called "River Kiss" by Shelia Fleischer. The Open theme, to the right, was a watercolor by Joan Rothel. I really enjoyed this painting, "New Orleans Rag" by Paul Vollman. I liked the energy that Paul put into this piece. I could feel the beat and here the music On Saturday, the rain moved out and left the skies cloudy and the air brisk. I joined a few artists as the festival began. We painted in the little park in New Richmond that sits along the river. It was a nice time painting while listening to the jazz and socializing with the visitors as they too listened and looked at the artwork. The organizers guesstimated around 2000 people enjoyed the day. Those that came out enjoyed our shops, restaurants and the vendors outside the Front Street Gallery. On the right is my friend, Sharon, painting a river scene. She was one of the lucky artists that sold a painting at the show, which is on the left. Along with the Java, Jazz n' Art event, it was also the high schools homecoming week. I was involved in this also through my husband. So after I painted, I then chaperoned the dance that evening. It was a very long day. If you came down to the river and and enjoyed the day, click on comments and tell em about it. Gaylynn
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