Saturday, October 17, 2009

Secret Artworks, SHHH!!!

My next project is for ARTWORKS ( . This is an award winning fund raising project called Secret Artworks featuring the exhibition and sale of 5"X7" works by local, national and international artists. Every piece of artwork sells for $75. The "secret" is the identity of the artists. Their names are on the back of the painting and is only revealed when it is sold. More than 750 Artists and over 3,000 pieces have been exhibited since the beginning of this event in 2006. This event provides artists with paid opportunities around the community. Secret Artworks is the only time that artists are asked to donate their talent. Last year they raised $65,000. Some local, national and international artists that have participated in the past 3 years were: John A. Ruthven, Michael Scott, Steven Powers, Pam Kravetz, Cole Carothers, Kris Cimmings, Carol Abbott, Tina clyburn, Vera Curnow, Joann Honschopp, M. Katherine Hurley, Dodie Loewe, Velma J. Morris, Sara Mulhauser, Nancy N. Neville, Bobbi Thies and many others. The event is November 20, 2009 at the Westin Hotel, downtown Cincinnati. Non-artist pay $100 to attend the party and have the opportunity to pick one of the artworks. At the party, artist can meet their peers and potential patrons alike. Major Networking in one evening. I was asked by a friend to participate this year. I thought it sounded fun. I am hoping to meet some of the artist that I admire around town. Who knows maybe I will come home with a piece of my own. :-) I have to have my entry handed in by Oct. 30. After the event I will post my painting. Gaylynn

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alex said...

Sounds awesome! Can't wait to see your SECRETS

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