Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I am writing to express my gratitude for each of the people who support me and give me joy on this holiday of thanks. I am thankful for my faith in God and my ability to be able to worship him. I am thankful for my husband and girls because they are my life. I am thankful for my parents,siblings and their families. For my parents shaped our character, our values and showed us the faith that I and my siblings cherish and pass on to our families. I am thankful for my in-laws and their families. I respect the strong bond and faith that they each share. I am thankful for my girlfriends. I enjoy their camaraderie, their interests, their humor and all of our adventures. Each one means so much to me. I am thankful for my art community. Their friendship and support inspire and push me to keep painting. I am thankful for my co-workers. Getting up and going to work is so fun because of them. I am thankful for our armed forces and their families. Because of them I have the ability to enjoy my home and community. May God be with them and keep them safe. Not only as we enter the holiday season, but each and every day. I am thankful our great country and all that we stand for. AND I am thankful for everyone who reads my blog. I want you to know how much I appreciate your support. Happy Thanksgiving Gaylynn


Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Amen ... we are all so blessed. This is a great time to reflect on our abundance.

debwardart said...

Right back at ya!
It's so easy to get overwhelmed in petty day to day problems that we don't realize how blessed we are - it's good to stop and consider all the positives in life for a change!

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