Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Celebrating My 2009 Accomplishments!

At the end of each year, Alyson Stanfield encourages her followers to write down their accomplishments for the past year. She suggests that you write in a journal or create a document on your computer so the list can be added to  over the course of the year.

As Alyson states, on her December 14, 2009 Art Marketing Action Newsletter (, you need to give thanks for the work you did; the people you met; the exhibits you attended; the sales you made, etc...

I have compiled a list from the many inventory of questions the Alyson has thrown out there over the years. What started out as 12 questions has grown into approximately 45 questions that are professional or personal. I have picked the professional ones that worked this year for me.

1.  How many works did I create?
2.  What trips (local or far away) did I make to nourish my art?
3.  What classes/seminars/workshops did I take (business or creative)?
4.  What did you try that was completely new?
5.  What did I invest in that will help me to run a more profitable or streamlined business?
6.  Whom did I meet that has turned out to be a mentor?
7.  Whom did I mentor, teach or help out?
8.  What books or magazines did I read to help my career?
9.  What resources did I discover?
10. How many names did I add to my mailing list?
11. How did I improve my studio habits or routines?
12. Where did my name or artwork appear in print?
13. What did I do to enhance my online presence, such as, my website, FB, twitter, linkedin...?
14. Did I create a new business card, portfolio or marketing piece?
15. Did I create an Artist Statement/Bio?
16. How did I promote my art?
17. What organizations did I join (local, state, national)
18. What worthy causes did I support in some way?
19. What art events, galleries, museums, or art fairs did I visit this year?
20. What exhibits/shows or contests did I submit to?
21. What was the single best thing that happened to your art career in 2009?

I use this list to take stock and see where I need to improve. I hope this list is helpful to you as much as it is to me. The single best thing that happened to me this past year was joining the gallery in my town and accomplishing the majority of my goal list.

I think I will celebrate!



Sunday, December 27, 2009

Art Marketing Book - I'd Rather Be in the Studio!

My daughter gave me the book I'd rather be in the studio! (The Artist's No-Excuse Guide to Self Promotion) by Alyson B. Stanfield for Christmas. For those that have not heard of Alyson or her blog (, you need to know that she is an artist advocate and art marketing consultant. Alyson leads workshops, delivers on-line courses, as well as, sends out a weekly newsletter that is free to those who sign up. All this information can be found on her blog and her website ( Even though I have read Alyson's weekly newsletter religiously for the past six years, I wanted this book so the information that Alyson has been so generously sharing was at my fingertips. I am looking forward to making notes in the book and following Alyson's advice. Gaylynn

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone

Just wanted to take time today to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. My hope is that everyone has a wonderful time with their families. Travel safely for those that travel. Happy Holidays Gaylynn

Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Richmond Christmas Walk

On Thursday, this past week, I gave a watercolor demonstration to two art classes at the high school. I had a really good time talking with the students. I got to see some of their work and we did a critique. I have to brag a little about the all the art teachers in our district. They do some awesome projects with the kids. At the high school level many of the students work are portfolio ready for an art school. Along with the painting class I had the opportunity to sit in on a clay class. I was impressed with their portrait reliefs that they were working on. I really wanted to sit down and join them. This weekend was our village's Christmas Walk. Santa arrived in a horse drawn carriage, rein-dog parade, carolers, elementary art show, art demonstrations at the gallery and shop owners dressed in period costumes. It was a three day event and I participated in this event at Front Street Gallery on Saturday. I gave demos in watercolor all day and led two little girls in an impromptu mini lesson. I was joined in demonstrations with one of the gallery potters, Jamie Lliff; Photographer,Mark Kahles; and a fellow gallery resident, painter of oils, Ed Ostendorf. On Sunday, Pat Holm, potter, and Adrian Hawk, painter and elementary art teacher, gave demos. Jamie led willing participants in making whistles out of clay. Jamie had many small pear shaped whistles made ahead. Adults and Children were encouraged to take that shape and make an animal or creature from their imagination. Once fired they will have a unique whistle that they created and a memory of the day. It was a popular spot. I liked where he was set up because it was right in front of my paintings hanging on the wall. :-) I was surprised by my parents coming down to support me and see the event. I had many friends stop by and appreciate each and everyone who stopped by. Now I have to get serious and begin my Christmas shopping and Christmas cards. I know admitting that has caused distress to anyone who is organized. I promise it will get done. Until the shopping is done, Gaylynn

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lots of prep this week

I am preparing for two things this week. The first is on Thursday when I will be giving two watercolor demos for two art classes at our local high school . The second is for a day long of watercolor demos at the Front Street Gallery for our villages Christmas Walk that lasts all weekend. With both places wanting me to start a painting(s) and work on them while I talk has me drawing and preparing lots of paper for ready. I will need two for the HS classes and at least three for the Christmas Walk. Hopefully I will be able to get at least one of the five done over the course of the weekend. The Gallery is offering other demos in pottery, oils, photography and children's crafts. Frame of Mind frame shop is having a show of elementary art. Hours for this event are 10-6 on Saturday and 1-4 on Sunday. Come on down and join us. There will be lots of coffee, hot chocolate and opportunities to find Christmas gifts. Gaylynn
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