Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Beginning Watercolor Class

I taught my first Beginning Watercolor class this evening. I only had two students, but I had a good time. I hope they did too. 


Monday, January 25, 2010

Destination Artist Weekend

This weekend is Destination Artist Weekend ( in the village of New Richmond, OH. It is organized by Mary Mark
( of Lost Steeples Originals. This is Mary's 11th year to invite patrons into her studio/home which is in an old church. It is enjoyable to see Mary's Printmaking Paintings in this unique setting. Mary is always kind to explain her work and show the process of printmaking.Mary's studio will also feature Susan Naylor.

There are featured artists at several locations, such as, Front Street Gallery ( At the Front Street Gallery the featured artist are Marilyn Bishop ( ), Ken Snouffer (, Mark Kahles, and the galleries resident potter, Jamie.

John Ruthvens ( original paintings and Nancy Swats hand painted gourds are at Abacus Business Service, LLC.  In Passage Bookstore you will find the works of Beth Zembrodt, Debbie Kerns, Tami Wills and Sara Kirchner. Front Street Cafe is featuring Mary Paula Wiggins and Virgina Hall is at Trendy's Turnaround.  Most artists are having  "fire" sale prices on some of their work.

Come on down and enjoy our river village and support the many artists that like to call it home.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Fluid Acrylic Workshop at CAC

I have signed up for a workshop at the Cincinnati Art Club the first weekend in February (6-7). I learned about the workshop through a friend on Facebook, Marion Corbin Mayer
( ).

The club offers many workshops through out the year. This one is on Fluid Acrylics taught by my blogging friend Deb Ward (  I am looking forward to hear her speak and learn about this medium and the many supports that you can use.  You can be sure I will tell you all about it.

If you are interested contact the Cincinnati Art Club ( by January 22nd.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pumpkins Update

8 x 11

I have finished the pumpkins above. They were harder then I expected them to be. However, not so hard that I won't try the subject again. I enjoyed creating the crags and shadows, as well as, the wood of the table.  I added gauche to the painting because I could not get the yellow orange that I wanted. I will set this aside and see if I still like next week.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snow Day Projects

It is cold and we had three days off this past week due to snow. I am ready for a change. The good news is I have been able to work on a few projects.

I snapped a picture of these pumpkins when my class went to a pumpkin farm. I started the painting before the holidays. I am now trying to bring it to a finish. For the first time ever I also have another painting in progress. This painting was started before the holidays too.

I began them both for the Christmas Walk demos.My goal is to get these two and a few other paintings done so I can add them to what I have already at Front Street Gallery and prepare for the May Exhibition with my Legendary Artist Group.

The beach scene is from my vacation to Sanibel Island, FL last summer. With all the snow we have gotten in the past week, I would love to be on a warm beach about now.

Another project that I worked on...I started a fan page on Facebook. I do not have the address yet, so you have to go to FB and search it. I will post it when I figure out how.

Alyson Standfield keeps nudging with her tips on her newsletters and blog ( and book, I'd Rather Be In the Studio!) and I resist until I get time to sit down and try what she preaches. Part of the resistance is not feeling like I have the tech knowledge, as well as, it is hard to put yourself out there. At least it is for me. I thought I would fall flat on my face by doing this blog, yet here I am 3 years later plugging along. I have to admit once I take the leap of faith it does become fun. Another fear is being over whelmed with all the things to co-ordinate and keep up with. I have told Alyson this before. BUT, her #1 rule is NO WHINING. As you can see I stopped whining and leaped again. So YES Alyson you are right! 

I also have been working on lesson plans for a class that I will teach at Front Street Gallery on watercolor. It begins Wed. January 27th. Contact the gallery for information (

Stay warm

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year! Year in Review

As the New Year begins, it is time to answer the questions from the last post and see what I accomplished in 2009.

1. I created 5 watercolors.
2. I took 2 family vacations and several weekend excursions.
3. I attended 4 demos through the Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society meetings
4.  I have not tried anything new.
5. I invested in 2 file cabinets and a metal cabinet to keep my files and supplies.
6. I haven't found a mentor. I do admire a lot of my art buddies.
7. I helped a former student who asked for a crash course in oils/watercolors and remind her of her skills while she was in town.
8. I read Artist Magazine and Watercolor Magazine monthly; International Artist and Watercolor Artist on occasion. I referred to Exploring Color by Nita Leland and Experiments in Watercolor by Michael Crespo throughout the year.
9.  I have not found any new resources.
10. Sadly 0
11. I bought a new table for my paint and a architecture table, as well as, reorganized my studio space.
12. Clermont Sun Times twice and the Clermont Journal relating to Front Street Gallery.
13. I blogged 52 times (intention met), joined Facebook (still have to create a fan page) and twitter
14. Ordered last February, as well as, postcards of my painting "Two Men and a Barge"
15. I updated/re-wrote my artist statement.
16. I participated in a group show in May, entered 2 juried shows, joined Front Street Gallery, donated to 2 organizations.
17. I joined Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society.
18. I donated a painting to the Boys and Girls Clubs annual silent auction and ARTWORKS of Cincinnati.
19. I went to Columbus Museum of History to see a Rockwell Exhibit; went to Destination Artist weekend at Mary Mark's Studio Gallery; Cincinnati Art Museum; Taft Art Museum; Summerfair
20. I entered one piece and was juried into Miamisburg Art Guild's Annual Exhibition in August. I entered three paintings and all were juried into the annual Java, Jazz n' Art Exhibition in October.
21. The best things that happened to me this year was getting into the local gallery and the group show in May. 

Even though I fell short on a few questions, I will have to keep them on my 2010 list. Which brings me to my intentions. In 2009 I had 20 intentions and I checked off all but 3 items and fell short on two. I am very pleased overall with the intentions I did accomplish.

Now to create my 2010 Intentions. I am going to keep a lot of last years intentions to I keep myself on track.

I want to stay organized. I can do this by:
  obtaining artist software for tracking my artwork
  creating files for my artwork
  keeping my books up to date
  keep my artspace less cluttered.
  keep portfolio/bio/artist statement/scrapbook up to date

I want to become a better painter by:
  improve my studio habits
  teach a class
  trying to paint "en plien aire" Creating a painting on site as opposed to painting outside
  seeing exhibits at museums, galleries, art events and art fairs
  try a different medium
  donate artwork

I want to step up my game by:
  entering 3 or more juried exhibitions
  keep refreshing work at the gallery
  participate in group shows
  obtaining a commission
  make a sale
  meet more artist in my area
  join another art organization/renew my membership to those I belong

I want to work on my marketing skills by:
  read I'd rather be in the studio: The Artist's No Excuse Guide to Self Promotion by Alyson B.       Standfield

  ordering new business cards and postcards
  create my mailing list and strive for 200+ names
  research the costs of prints/cards of my artwork
  blogging once a week
  creating  a Fan page on Facebook
  creating a website

What are your goals or intentions? Do they work for you? Do you have to keep your list small or like me, do you need it spelled out? Whatever way you push yourself to create, I hope 2010 is prosperous for you.

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