Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fluid Acrylic Workshop

I spent the weekend at the Cincinnati Art Club attending a 2 day workshop taught by Deb Ward ( Deb showed us how to use fluid acrylics on many different supports.

Going into the weekend I was not sure what fluid acrylics were. Now I can tell you that they are acrylic paint that comes in a liquid form. Regular acrylics are in a tube and can be watered down or thinned with matte medium, but when you do that they still are not the consistency of the fluid acrylics that you buy. The fluid paints are also more intense in color.

Fluid acrylics are also thinned with water. Like a watercolor painting you put down water on your support and lay in a thin glaze. While the paint is wet you can drop other colors into it and let them bleed or you can pick your support up and turn it to let the paint move. Like watercolor you can move the paint around or lift it up. Unlike watercolor, once it is dry you can put on another glaze without picking up the paint that is already down.

I enjoyed watching Deb's demos on the different supports. I love the way her strokes look effortless and soft. Deb was very forthcoming with what she has learned using these paints and she also gave tips for painting in general. My fellow participants where enjoyable and they too shared tips. I was glad that I attended and can not wait to play some more with my paints.

I wish I could show you the pictures I took. However, my computer is still not working right and I have to use my husbands. Not sure I want to download my pictures on his computer.

This week is my last class for my students. We will try a second session mid-April.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ahhhh....Morning Caffeine

My computer is up and running again! I can now download the painting I did while I was off work due to the snow. This watercolor is a 5 x 7 painting of a cup, saucer and a pot. The pot could have tea or coffee in it. My preference would be tea, however I felt I would leave the title "open" for what the patrons decides.

I began by laying in the base colors.


I then worked on the shadows of the pot and the cup and saucer.

Next was the detail in the saucer. I have to say this was a first for me. I normally would not have added the detail for fear that I could not do it. So, I am happy that I tried it and that it turned out ok. The reflection in the knife and spoon are somewhat unfamiliar areas also. I think I would try more detail on an object and reflection again.

 Ahhhh.....Morning Caffeine
5 x7

This turned out to be a fun still life. I liked the colors and feel I captured the blissful moment when you finish your morning caffeine.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Digital Photo Album

Here in Ohio we are having our third major snow storm. Because of President's day we were off today. Because of the snow we are off tomorrow. I have gotten two small paintings started. However, I can not share them yet because my computer is down. I am using my hubby's computer until it is fixed.

I was reading my weekly newsletter from Empty Easel ( and I clicked on the Monday Marketing Tips. This weeks note was from Rose Welty ( and she asked what would you do if you were at a party and you had the opportunity to talk about your paintings, but you have no way of explaining your work beyond giving your business card with your website listed.   

Do you think that person or persons took the card home and looked you up? What else could you have done? Rose suggested that you get a brag book and fill it with pictures of your favorite pieces. This will give you the opportunity to pull out the book to show your work. This is a nice tip that I have done before. However, I liked her next tip even better....

Rose then went a step further and stated how she had an I-phone that gives her the app to download a digital photo album of her work to her I-phone. As she pointed out, this makes keeping track of your album in your purse (or a pocket) easier since it is one less item to carry.  Rose also said that you could do this process with an I-pod Touch too. 

I have an I-pod Touch that I received when I wanted to get rid of my brag book for the very reasons that Rose suggested.  I was thrilled that someone else was using the I-pod like I was.  My I-pod photo app has helped me on several occasions when I wanted to share my work with someone. I then finished the conversation by giving them my business card knowing that I have done all I could for that moment. 

It was wonderful to see someone else using technology like I was. Every time I finish a painting I download it to my I-pod, to my blog and then my fan page on facebook so all my bases are covered. 

I wrote about this because, like Rose,  I believe this to be a tip that is a very awesome and useful tip.  I hope many of you are already using an I-pod for these purposes (and others). If you are not using one, then my wish is that you check it out and consider how it could help your marketing possibilities.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sanibel Beach Scene Finished

Waiting On the Rain
8 x 11 1/2

I finished the beach scene. I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I would not have said that after the last post. Two snow days later and I am tickled with the finished piece. I like how I kept the beach impressionistic while getting tight on the figure. I also feel I captured the feel of the impending rain. 

Do you agree? Please leave a comment for your critique.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Beach Scene WIP

I started this beach scene back in December (I last posted about it on January 9th). I worked a lot on it this weekend.
It was about to rain when I snapped this scene near our condo in Sanibel, Florida. The white spots I have left are white caps on the water as rain was heading in.

When I began this painting, I loosely glazed in the sky, ocean and sand areas.

I then started laying in some shadow on the beach bag under the chair and the chair cover.

Today I worked the shadows more and started to sharpen some areas. I am trying to keep the beach loose because I can not obviously get every grain of sand or sea shell.

If you have ever been to Sanibel you would know that the beach is more shell then sand. The pile in front of the lady is a pile of shells.

My goal is to finish this in the next week.


Friday, February 5, 2010


8 x 11 1/2

A co-worker, who saw the painting on my Facebook Fan Page, bought it. I have many feelings...elated for the sale...amazed that having FB helped make a sale....WOW!

I have been busy with my class, both daytime and the weekly evening, that I have not been in the studio other than to create lessons and get supplies. I am looking forward to doing so this weekend. I have a painting to start for my donation to the Boys and Girls Clubs annual fundraiser in March.

Last weekend was Destination Artists Weekend                             
( in New Richmond. Mary Mark and David Johnson (creators of the weekend) sent out a thank you note to everyone who got the word out. They were thrilled with all who stopped by and supported the artists and the weatherman for having foretasted sunshine for the patrons.

I talked with Paul Vanderbosch, at Front Street Gallery (, and he was pleased with the patrons that stopped by to see the featured artists. So the planning begins for next year.

Fluid Acrylics workshop this weekend. Hopefully the snow that is predicted will not postpone the fun.

Until next time,
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