Sunday, February 7, 2010

Beach Scene WIP

I started this beach scene back in December (I last posted about it on January 9th). I worked a lot on it this weekend.
It was about to rain when I snapped this scene near our condo in Sanibel, Florida. The white spots I have left are white caps on the water as rain was heading in.

When I began this painting, I loosely glazed in the sky, ocean and sand areas.

I then started laying in some shadow on the beach bag under the chair and the chair cover.

Today I worked the shadows more and started to sharpen some areas. I am trying to keep the beach loose because I can not obviously get every grain of sand or sea shell.

If you have ever been to Sanibel you would know that the beach is more shell then sand. The pile in front of the lady is a pile of shells.

My goal is to finish this in the next week.



Nancy Van Blaricom said...

This is turning out great ... makes me wish I was there.... even though I have never been.

I collect shell from around here, but it's such an odd thing to me ... different beaches, different shells.

Looking forward to seeing this completed.

Gaylynn said...

Thanks Nancy. As the snow fell over the weekend and is about to hit again, I too long for the beach. I think that is why my easel called me back to paint :-)

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