Monday, February 15, 2010

Digital Photo Album

Here in Ohio we are having our third major snow storm. Because of President's day we were off today. Because of the snow we are off tomorrow. I have gotten two small paintings started. However, I can not share them yet because my computer is down. I am using my hubby's computer until it is fixed.

I was reading my weekly newsletter from Empty Easel ( and I clicked on the Monday Marketing Tips. This weeks note was from Rose Welty ( and she asked what would you do if you were at a party and you had the opportunity to talk about your paintings, but you have no way of explaining your work beyond giving your business card with your website listed.   

Do you think that person or persons took the card home and looked you up? What else could you have done? Rose suggested that you get a brag book and fill it with pictures of your favorite pieces. This will give you the opportunity to pull out the book to show your work. This is a nice tip that I have done before. However, I liked her next tip even better....

Rose then went a step further and stated how she had an I-phone that gives her the app to download a digital photo album of her work to her I-phone. As she pointed out, this makes keeping track of your album in your purse (or a pocket) easier since it is one less item to carry.  Rose also said that you could do this process with an I-pod Touch too. 

I have an I-pod Touch that I received when I wanted to get rid of my brag book for the very reasons that Rose suggested.  I was thrilled that someone else was using the I-pod like I was.  My I-pod photo app has helped me on several occasions when I wanted to share my work with someone. I then finished the conversation by giving them my business card knowing that I have done all I could for that moment. 

It was wonderful to see someone else using technology like I was. Every time I finish a painting I download it to my I-pod, to my blog and then my fan page on facebook so all my bases are covered. 

I wrote about this because, like Rose,  I believe this to be a tip that is a very awesome and useful tip.  I hope many of you are already using an I-pod for these purposes (and others). If you are not using one, then my wish is that you check it out and consider how it could help your marketing possibilities.


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Rose Welty said...

Gaylynn-thank you for the nice write up and link. The EE article was suitably vague, but I actually use a Touch. An iPhone is out of my reach for now. But I do agree that the Touch is a great tool. I actually convinced myself to get one on the potential benefits to my art business. It is a fabulous tool on many levels for artists. Enjoyed your paintings! Thanks again.

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