Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fluid Acrylic Workshop

I spent the weekend at the Cincinnati Art Club attending a 2 day workshop taught by Deb Ward ( Deb showed us how to use fluid acrylics on many different supports.

Going into the weekend I was not sure what fluid acrylics were. Now I can tell you that they are acrylic paint that comes in a liquid form. Regular acrylics are in a tube and can be watered down or thinned with matte medium, but when you do that they still are not the consistency of the fluid acrylics that you buy. The fluid paints are also more intense in color.

Fluid acrylics are also thinned with water. Like a watercolor painting you put down water on your support and lay in a thin glaze. While the paint is wet you can drop other colors into it and let them bleed or you can pick your support up and turn it to let the paint move. Like watercolor you can move the paint around or lift it up. Unlike watercolor, once it is dry you can put on another glaze without picking up the paint that is already down.

I enjoyed watching Deb's demos on the different supports. I love the way her strokes look effortless and soft. Deb was very forthcoming with what she has learned using these paints and she also gave tips for painting in general. My fellow participants where enjoyable and they too shared tips. I was glad that I attended and can not wait to play some more with my paints.

I wish I could show you the pictures I took. However, my computer is still not working right and I have to use my husbands. Not sure I want to download my pictures on his computer.

This week is my last class for my students. We will try a second session mid-April.



Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Nice report explaining fluid acrylics. I've never had the pleasure of seeing someone work with these. That had to be a fun workshop.

debwardart said...

I saw you taking notes all weekend!! So glad you enjoyed the experience! I'll have a few pix on my blog in the next day or two (when I get a chance to upload!).

Gaylynn said...

Nancy, I had a really good time. Not only did I learn a new technique I met some nice people. If you get a chance to try them I guarantee you will have fun.

Deb, I wrote you a glowing review on my questionnaire :-)

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