Sunday, April 18, 2010

Boats: Annecy Canal, France

I took this picture when I traveled to visit a friend in Geneva, Switzerland a few years back. These boats were tied up in the canal that went through the town of Annecy, France to the lake at the foot of a mountain.  It was so beautiful to see. The towns medieval architecture was highlighted by the canal wrapped around an island of buildings.  

As the canal goes away from the town it spills into a  pristine mountain lake. On both sides of this part of the canal is a park with families enjoying it everywhere. They were picnicking, playing on the playgrounds, jogging and going for a sail on the lake.

I picked this shot because I wanted to tightened the picture to show the turquoise blue of the canal against the rust color of the wood boat for the painting.

I am happy with the way the water and boats are shaping up.


1 comment:

debwardart said...

Looks like you are capturing the sunlight on the boats too. This painting will be such a great memory "in the flesh" of that trip.

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