Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Feeding horses WIP

As I stated in my last posting, I am enjoying this subject. I thought I would post three pictures showing the progression of the painting up to this point.

I have approximately 6 hours (including the drawing/transfer process) into this painting so far.

I am trying to lay the washes in slowly and cleanly. Something I work hard to do because I get impatient and usually at some point start to lay the darks in too soon.

In this view, I was working on the lady's shirt, pants and the boys shirt while I was waiting on the leaves in the background dry.

Hay....not sure how I am going to paint the ground of hay and gravel.  As any painting it is a process and I will figure it out as I go along. That is why I am determined to go slowly.

Have you painted something that seemed tedious or difficult to you? How did you resolve it? Were the results how you envisioned them?

Ideas and critiques welcomed, just hit comment.



debwardart said...

Hmmm, tedious??? Gee, let me think about that . . . . (LOL) Difficult? Hmmm . . . nah, it's always easy!!! Just do what you are doing - not like you pick easy subjects!!! Going slow is best with something this involved. Suggestions: gravel - lay in a wash of various "gravel colors" and as it dries spritz it with a toothbrush - do that a few times as it dries so you get varied results. You can also spritz it with a bit of plain water. When it's dry you can pull out a few pebbles in detail in the foreground, indicate a few more as you go back and the rest just whatever it is. You can do the hay by laying in a base color, then some miskit for pieces of hay - repeat a couple times (think "wash, rinse, repeat"!!!)

Gaylynn said...

Thanks Deb! After reading your suggestions it seems so simple.I will take your tips and run with them. As for my choice of subjects being difficult...this from the lady that loves to paint lace, LOL I think we both just like the stretch ;-)

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