Thursday, August 19, 2010

Entering Juried Shows:Eeny, meany....

My "REAL" job began this week with meetings and trainings (it is time for school to start next week). I spent my summer trying to get a few paintings done, working at a sumer job, go to my watercolor club monthly meetings, blog, vacation and to catch up on household chores (something I think will never be achieved).

Now that it is time to go back to work, the juried show season has begun also. I began by entering in the Miamisburg Art Gallery Annual Juried Show and was thrilled that the 2 paintings that I entered were accepted. There are 4 (probably more) juried shows  in this area between now and November. The problem is that they overlap which makes for difficult choices.

So the decisions to be made are:
Which ones to enter 
              - to do this I have to get a calendar out and map when the entry fees are due; the dates my paintings will be in their possession from delivery to pick-up (providing they are juried in).
              -If the shows overlap which do I choose to go where. Meaning I have to place my newest at one show while those done in the last year go another. Picking the paintings that will work best with the venue I am  entering. Then keeping track of where I have sent them so that I do not send them to the same place twice.
              -Another overlap or inconvience could be dropping off or pick-up of my work. If the time to do this errand is when I am at work do I have a back up plan, such as, someone doing this chore for me and will the event allow it?
              -Do I enter 1 piece? I can usually enter up to I enter 1, 2, or 3 paintings? How many I enter is determined by how many paintings I have finished, framed and available. This brings us to...
Fees & Entry
              -Do I have enough funds to enter the number of pieces for a show at the time the entry is due?
              -Some shows I have to send in the entry form and fee. Then on a set date I show up with the piece(s) I have entered and drop them off. I then wait for the acknowledgment either my mail, email or a phone call stating that I am in the show. I then go to the opening to see who won the prizes.
              -Some shows I show up on dates given and fill out my entry form, pay my fees and leave my painting(s). I then go through the process described above.
              -Some shows want a CD sent in with my painting(s) on it along with my entry for and fee. Then, again, I go through the process described above.
Which brings me to the questions....
Do I know how to make a CD of my work?
Do I know how to take my photo and make it the right jpeg?
Can I take the picture myself so that it looks professional? OR
Do I want to get professional photos done of my work? If I do then they can make the CD....

Whew! This is my thought process! I could go on and on with my questions. And, yes it can or could be paralyzing! It would be so easy to play Scarlet and just worry about it tomorrow. I could keep doing only 2 juried shows that I have done because they are familiar and I have been successful at them. (Which is what I have been doing) OR I could push myself to reach for something I have not accomplished before.

All this has to be decided between now and the middle of next month. As if I will not already be busy with the rush of the new school year, etc... Good thing for me goals will keep me moving forward :-)


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