Sunday, August 15, 2010

Miamisburg Art Galley Annual Show & AWS Exhibit at Middletown Art Center

                                                                  Waiting On The Rain
                                                           9X10 300lb Kilimanjaro Paper

 I entered two paintings in the Miamisburg Art Galleries Annual Juried Show and both were accepted! The above painting was one of the two that made the show.

My friend, Deb Ward ( won a Merit Award for her acrylic painting Daffodil and Fruit. This is the second time I have seen her win at this event. Congratulations to her!!!

The winner (on the left) in my category of Water Media, was called Forest by Laine Bachman.

I kept looking at the painting and thinking that I have seen it before. I went home and checked out my  Artists Magazine and found an article on Deborah Morrissey-McGoff. Laine's style is very much like this artists. Deborah calls her work "magical realism". This is how I would describe Ms. Bachman's painting. It had wonderful detail with whimsy and fantasy.

The Best of Show painting was Bennie In Black by Donna Brinkman. This portrait was very striking and well executed.
The person hanging the show did a good job by putting this piece by itself over the desk where patrons were asked to sign up for door prizes. It could not be missed.

I look forward to attending this show each year. This year my friend, Cindy, my daughter, Rebecca, and my parents, Norm and Carol, supported me at the awards ceremony. I was grateful for their presence.

Before the Miamisburg show, we went to see the American Watercolor Society Exhibit at the Middletown Arts Center (  I truly enjoyed each and every painting. I had seen all or most of them in the Artists magazine, Watercolor Artists magazine and Watercolor Magazine. It is much more satisfying to see them in person.

As much as I can appreciate those that won awards, (which can be seen @  such as, Gold Medal of Honor winner John Salminen, AWS Morning Fog; Silver Medal of Honor winner, Dean Mitchel, AWS Sunshine in New Orleans and Bronze Medal Winner, Susan Montague, AWS Far and Away, I really liked the detail and brush strokes of this painting by Alan Wylie called Casi in Casa.
This painting was hung left center as you entered the gallery and its prominence made it all the more interesting to me. It really drew me in.

The next one that struck me was Soho Shadows by Linda Baker, AWS.  I apologize that the picture does not show the detail better. I admire the work that went into this painting. For me, my eyes would cross with all the lines. The technical is superb.

I will confess that Dean Mitchel's painting was the coolest to see in person because I admire his work so much. I encourage you to go to the AWS site (above) to see his award winning painting. My shot did not do it justice, therefore, I won't be posting it.

There were many "famous" artist shown in this show. I am glad that Middletown brings it to our area each year.

As enjoyable as the exhibit was, I was privileged to speak with a AWS Signature member that was also taking the exhibit in.  I have met the man before and had written about him when he had an exhibit at the Middeltown Art Center in November of 2007, Homer O. Hacker. He was observing the exhibit with a young man that I assume to be a grandson (I apologize if I am wrong). As always, he was very nice to talk to. I was very honored that he remembered me (he knows my dad and my great uncle, Jim Harlan, was photographer for him at the Dayton Daily News where Mr. Hacker was Art Director for 30 years.)  and spoke kindly of my post about him in 2007. Timing is everything and I am glad that I was present and able to speak with this genuine, nice and very talented artist.



debwardart said...

Your photos turned out well - so glad you got to speak to Homer!

Gaylynn said...

Thanks Deb. It was icing on the cake type of day...A day spent with friends, family, paintings juried into the show then talking to him and he remembering me was very special. Now If I could only sit and ask questions so that I can learn from him...that would be something.

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