Monday, August 30, 2010

Viewpoint entries

Best Friend's Napping

I entered Best Friend's Napping and another painting in the Cincinnati Art Club's 42nd Annual Viewpoint National Juried Art Competition. This was a scary and nerve wracking process for me. To enter this show the process was very different then the two local shows that I have entered before. 

The process for this show was to make a CD to specification of my paintings. The jpg could not exceed 5 MB and the picture was to labeled a certain way, as well as, the CD it self. I have dyslexia and tend to flip things. I looked all my writing over carefully, but feel like I mixed something up and missed it. I have heard stories of organizations tossing an entry application when something is not to specification.  It was such an ordeal to get the nerve to enter such a prestigious show.  The process of burning a CD (for a show) was a first for me, therefore I will be crushed if my negligence keeps me from even getting a look. However, I am proud of myself for taking this leap and trying to show my paintings at another level.

I will keep you posted if any of my work gets in. Wish me luck :-)




Nancy Van Blaricom said...

This is a wonderful piece... one of my very favorite watercolors of all time. I has to get in ... it's a given!

I do understand how nerve-racking entering these shows are... it feels like I'm entering a room completely naked. (I can only imagine how frightening THAT would be.... Definitely you should be proud of yourself for following through with this huge step. You go girl.

RHCarpenter said...

Good luck with your entries! I'm hoping to see this one in there :) It does seem to produce a certain amount of anxiety, filling all the requirements of this show - but I think all the major shows are like this and now you've dipped your toes in and will leap into the big waves next time :)

Gaylynn said...
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Gaylynn said...

Nancy,you described my anxiety well. LOL Glad to know I am not alone in these feelings.

Rhonda,I too expect to see one of your paintings. I know you are right about dipping the toes in. I also know no matter what I will try again and again because I like having the goals. So bring on the next wave :-)

Thank you both for your support!!!!

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