Sunday, September 26, 2010

Middletown Art Center Show

Friday evening was the opening of the Middletown Art Centers ( Area Art Show. MAC was founded in 1957 and has been offering this event and classes in Middletown for 50 years. I was very lucky to have two of my paintings accepted into the show. They stated that there were 220 entries representing 22 cities in southwest Ohio and 97 pieces were chosen to be in the show. WOW!

This was my second attempt to enter this show and the first time to be accepted. I could not have been more pleased when I walked into the gallery and saw so many exceptional paintings.  The show runs until October 23, 2010. If you live in the Southwest Ohio area, I recommend that you stop by to see the show.

                                                    Best of Show         


                                                    Lesley Lawson

                                                    Middletown, OH

                                            President's Award & 1st Place

                                            "Make Your Own Kind of Music"

                                            Joyce Phillips Young

                                           Cincinnati, OH

The judges were Homer Hacker, Reggie Finkleman and Libby Birch.Mr. Hacker is a Ohio University graduate. He is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society and part of the organizing committee for the Ohio Watercolor Society, for which he was President for 3 years.  Ms. Finkelman studied at the Traphagen Design School & Carnegie Mellon University. She studied under Homer Hacker, Joseph Barrish & Don Dennis at the MAC. Ms. Birch has a BFA from the University of Iowa and has taught in the Middletown Schools for over 30 yrs. and Miami University for 7 yrs. Ms. Birch has been the Director of Middletown International for 27 yrs.

                                           First Place                                                              

                                           "City's Fast Tracks"

                                           Karen Benedetti
                                           Kettering, OH 
Each painting in this show was strong enough to be a winner. MAC gives out 1st ($100), 2nd ($50), 3rd ($25) and 2 Honorable Mentions per the areas of oils/acrylic, watermedia, pastels, drawings, mixed media, and photography. There were 25 awards, as well as, a Best of Show ($500) and a President's Award.

Above and the next five paintings are the award winners in watermedia. Please forgive the reflections on the pictures, as the lighting of the gallery interfered.  Also, my inability to keep everything so nicely aligned and spaced as I type, but goes haywire once published to the blog.
                                                    Second Place                                                    "Walking Home"
                                                     Linda Schuler
                                                     New Richmond, OH


                                                    Third Place
                                                    "Secrets and Symbols"
                                                    Sharon Stolzenberger
                                                    Kettering, OH

                                                   Honorable Mention Watermedia                                           
                                                   "U.S. Digital"                                             
                                                   Diana Ross              
                                                   West Chester, OH

                                                    Honorable Mention Watermedia
                                                    "Easy Rider"
                                                    Bob Nowicki
                                                    Loveland, OH

 Meeting other artist is a favorite part of attending show openings. I was pleased to meet Joyce PhillipsYoung and talk to her about her painting and sharing our backgrounds. Joyce is an artist that spent 30+ yrs. in education for Cincinnati Public and University of Cincinnati where she taught Black Art History. She is an active member of the Women's Art Club.

I want to thank my parents and girl friends for coming and supporting me at the opening. It was a fun evening and I look forward to trying to get in next year.


Monday, September 20, 2010

2 accepted to the MAC Show

                                                                Best Friend's Napping

Best Friend's Napping and Pop's Garden was accepted into the MAC Show! That is two of three admitted. I am beyond thrilled! :-)


Sunday, September 19, 2010


My friend, Tina, with excitement in her voice, was telling me how she went to an afternoon workshop to make sidewalk chalk. Tina did this so that she could participate in an event called Streetscapes in Clifton which is called the gas light district. It is located literally northwest of the University of Cincinnati campus.

Feeling her excitement, I volunteered to tag along to record the day. So, yesterday, I met Tina bright and early to head to the event. After we signed in we found Tina's spot where she was to paint her painting. The Clifton Business Association, who put on the event, had taped off the 4'x6' "canvas" aka the pavement of the street. Tina had chosen the smallest size to render because she thought she would be painting by herself for the two day event. Other sizes were 5'x5', 5'x8' and 8'x8'. The Art Academy of Cincinnati had a group of 7 and their painting was 16'x18'.

I helped Tina put down and taped brown paper around her "canvas", as well as, her sketch. Tina had poked holes along the lines of her drawing which allowed her to pounce powder, in a piece of cheesecloth, through the holes.This leaves dots on the "canvas". Once this was done she took the paper off. We then conected the dots with chalk to get the lines down. Tina had chosen to make a copy of the abstract expressionism painting The Scream by Edvard Munch (1863-1944).

It did not take long for me to go from recording the day, to jumping in and helping. Tina did the sky, lake, and the two men. I did the screaming figure and the areas on each side of him.

I have to say that I am not experienced with painting with chalk. My hands, legs, clothes were full of chalk when done. It was frustrating to have many little chalk pebbles every where and nothing to wipe it off with. Tina and I walked around and observed other participants to see what tools we should have. This was Tina's first time and other than making the chalk and signing up for the event, they did not give many tips. By lunch time we had compiled a list, such as, a large (6") brush to wisp away those pesky pebbles. :-)

 It was a long fun filled day and the Clifton Business Association was first class. They fed us breakfast and lunch, kept us in chalk, water, snacks and gave us a shirt.

We finished Tina's painting in one day and went back today for the second day to take pictures. It was a fun time and I thank Tina for letting me tag along.
Next year we will registrar as an official team.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

WIP: Troublesome Pebble Update

I am working on Troublesome Pebble and another painting at the same time. This can be good and bad. Good because you can move from on to another, therefore keeping you busy while one is drying. Bad because at some point you focus on one more than the other. However, when they both get done it is worth it.

I began laying some color in the flower beds. I did not like how much she looked like she had been crushing grapes with her feet. But, I had promised myself to get the little girl and her dress half way done before I began the flowers. Leaving the darkness behind her last.
I can not tell you how hard this has been for me to not jump ahead of myself.  So far, I am happy that I am taking it slow. As you can see, her shadowed feet do not stand out so much.  When I get more of the flowers and shadows on the ground then the little girls shadowed feet will look better.     

The Miamisburg Gallery Show has closed. Once those paintings are picked up (thanks Mom & Dad), I will then enter the Middletown Arts Centers Show this week. Since I do not have to save paintings for the Java, Jazz n' Art, I will be able to enter the two from the Miamisburg Show (Waiting On thee Rain, Pop's Garden) plus Best Friend's Napping.   With any luck at least one will be judged in by Mr. Homer O. Hacker.

I will keep you posted.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Java, Jazz n' Art Cancelled in New Richmond

                                                            Two Men and A Barge
 New Richmond on the Ohio...."It
is with deep regret that the Committee of Java Jazz'n Art has decided
to cancel the event for 2010. With contributions and artist
participation down by 50%, it was felt that the integrity and quality of
the event would be compromised."
I am deeply disappointed in the committee to prematurely cancel the local art show in October.  As the statement said, " artist participation down..." My reply is how can they determine this when the final date to enter is Sept. 10th. You would think they would wait until the 15th to look like they were trying to do their job. 
If most artist are like me they do not enter until the last possible moment because of finishing a painting, framing, finances, etc... I, myself had my form and check ready to mail in the morning.  So if only 45 artist had applied so far what are the odds that another 45+ would enter by the due date?
If numbers are down due to the economy, would it not make sense to make due with the numbers you have so that you keep the event going until the economy returns and make the show better. 
What about the businesses that were counting on this event to bring people in to the village? Many people came from all over just to stroll along the river on a beautiful fall day and listen to Jazz, look at art and shop the businesses of New Richmond.
Can you tell I am disappointed that a bigger fight did not happen to make this well attended event take place.
Gaylynn, 2008 Best of Show winner (of the former) Java, Jazz n' Art Exhibit
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