Friday, September 3, 2010

Java, Jazz n' Art Cancelled in New Richmond

                                                            Two Men and A Barge
 New Richmond on the Ohio...."It
is with deep regret that the Committee of Java Jazz'n Art has decided
to cancel the event for 2010. With contributions and artist
participation down by 50%, it was felt that the integrity and quality of
the event would be compromised."
I am deeply disappointed in the committee to prematurely cancel the local art show in October.  As the statement said, " artist participation down..." My reply is how can they determine this when the final date to enter is Sept. 10th. You would think they would wait until the 15th to look like they were trying to do their job. 
If most artist are like me they do not enter until the last possible moment because of finishing a painting, framing, finances, etc... I, myself had my form and check ready to mail in the morning.  So if only 45 artist had applied so far what are the odds that another 45+ would enter by the due date?
If numbers are down due to the economy, would it not make sense to make due with the numbers you have so that you keep the event going until the economy returns and make the show better. 
What about the businesses that were counting on this event to bring people in to the village? Many people came from all over just to stroll along the river on a beautiful fall day and listen to Jazz, look at art and shop the businesses of New Richmond.
Can you tell I am disappointed that a bigger fight did not happen to make this well attended event take place.
Gaylynn, 2008 Best of Show winner (of the former) Java, Jazz n' Art Exhibit


Sanchez said...

That's really sad. I was looking forward to attending, and possibly putting a painting in. Of course, I just found out about it during River Days, and have been scrambling to get work together for it, but I was excited about it. Even if I ended up not being able to enter anything, I thought it would have been great to attend.

Maybe a group of artists(more "together" than I am) might band together and have their own show along the streets of New Richmond? Surely they would have the support of the local businesses if they decided to at least do their own informal sidewalk show and sale. That would be nice.

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Oh, thats too bad Gaylynn. I can only imagine your disappointment. I agree it seems a little premature in takeing the step to cancel the whole show. Like I said, it's a beautiful painting. Maybe another show will come along and it can be entered then.

debwardart said...

Thanks for sending me the brochure for this one, as you had promised. I'm wondering why they cancelled at this point also - perhaps there is something going on "behind the scenes" we will never know about. Sorry you are so disappointed.

Gaylynn said...

Sanchez...yes the business association likes when we paint in the park. So we ill have to see if one gets organized.

Nancy, I do have other shows to enter my work in, It is just that was local, a fun day and a boost for our little rivertown.

Deb, yes I do not know the behind the scenes. I am hearing that poor organization on many levels was part of the problem. If that was so, I definitely would have waited until after the due date to claim lack of attendance. That way no one would have questioned the call.

RHCarpenter said...

Well, I think they gave up too quickly if the deadline for entries wasn't even up - I wouldn't have been able to attend this year but did last year and had a good time seeing the sights and the artwork.

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