Saturday, October 2, 2010

WIP Troublesome Pebble & Viewpoint

 An update on the little girl in the bright floral dress. I have began laying in the greenery and flowers. I am liking the painterly (or impressionistic) flow of the painting so far.

I have been working on her off and on since my last post about her on September 15th. Today I spent 4 hours working on her in between laundry and other chores. My studio is in my basement next to my laundry area. So when I am captive in this area, on the weekend, I usually get a lot of painting/drawing/business done.

As you can see, I finished the day with the dark area in place. My goal was to not put the darks in until last. Obviously, I did not wait until completely last to put them in. I felt that I needed to get that huge dark area in so that I could get the proper shadowing on the bottom of the painting. The darks on the bottom are not as dark as the huge area, but close.

I was commissioned to paint two Labradors, yellow and black. I will have to put my little girl on hold until I get the pooch's done.

Now about Viewpoint....I received my letter of rejection today on the two paintings I had entered. Which were the same two paintings that are presently in the Middletown Art Center Show.(

The letter stated that 342 paintings were entered and 70 were accepted. With those numbers,the odds were against many of us that applied. I am sure it made it tough for Nita Leland who was the judge for this national show. However, this is awesome news for the Cincinnati Art Club, because everyone wants to get into their show!

This rejection will not keep me from trying to enter Viewpoint next year.



Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Your painting is coming along nicely. Glad to see you are still working on it.

Sorry about your rejection. Wow, what a lot of entries you had for that show. Nice to hear that you will enter next year... and not dissuaded from entering.

debwardart said...

Gaylynn, next year, who knows - and never let a rejection get you down. Can't wait to see the dogs!

RHCarpenter said...

This is looking good, Gaylynn, and I'm in the same bucket with you on the Viewpoint Show - tried to get one of three in and none did :( Boo hoo - now time to go paint and forget it! The right attitude has to be achieved if you are going to try to get into juried shows or you'll spend too much time depressed - not me! And besides, 2 of those paintings are in the MAC show so that should tell you they are good paintings!

Gretchen Bjornson ART said...

Gaylynn...sorry about your rejection letter. I missed the boat altogether and didn't get the info in time to put anything together. Oh well....must move on, right? I'm with Deb...I can't wait to see the dogs!

Gaylynn said...

Thanks ladies for your support. I never let a rejection get me down. It is the act of putting the entry in that stresses me. Once it is in the mail I am ok. Out of sight, out of mind :-)
I am anxious about the dogs. The pics I was sent are not very good and I am to do an 11 x 14. I am sketching and trying to get a plan for the values together. I have a lot going on this week (homecoming @ our school) I hope to put paint to paper next week.

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