Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

New Years Eve and it is time to see how many of my 2010 intentions measured up. In my last post I listed and answered some of the 45 questions that I keep posted in my studio. Those questions help me to keep an inventory of my accomplishments. Knowing my accomplishments helps me to feel successful and it keeps me motivated.

Creating my intentions for the year is another tool to help me see what achievements I have made, what I need to work towards and to encourage me to keep working harder. I have 5 main intentions: 1) Stay organized 2) Become a better painter 3) Step up my game and 4) Work on marketing my art. Under each of these intentions are goals to achieve these intentions. There are 25 goals and I completed 14 out of the 25. :-)

I admit that my least favorite and most need of improvement is my intention to work on marketing (forgive me Allyson Standfield I know this is every artists Achilles heel and I am no exception. Organization is my next area that needs improvement. I would bet if I polled all my blogging buddies, they too would have marketing and organization at the top of their lists of areas that need to be improved upon.

Below, I use the same 5 intentions with some of the same goals and some new goals. I may take baby steps that are repetitive, however I am happy in my art and any accomplishments I make are gravy. :-)

I want to stay organized. I can do this by:
Obtaining artist software for tracking my artwork and books.
Keep books up to date.
Keep files of my paintings up to date.
Keep my studio less cluttered.
Keep my portfolio/bio/artist statement/scrapbook up to date.

I want to become a better painter. I can do this by:
Improving my studio habits.
Painting 9 or more paintings for the year.
Keep teaching
Trying to paint "en plien aire" - creating a painting on site as opposed to painting outside.
Picking an artist to study their techniques/style.
Seeing exhibits at museums, galleries, art events, and art fairs. (4 or more local/far away)
Try a different technique.
Keep donating my art to the Boys and Girls Clubs Annual Fund-raiser.
Take a workshop/class.

I want to step up my game. I can do this by:
Enter 4 or more juried exhibitions.
Take better quality photos of my work.
Participate in 2 group shows.
Obtain commissions.
Make 3 or more sales.
Meet more artists in my area.
Renew my membership to those I belong.
Join another are organization and become involved.
Follow my friend Deb Wards ( ) lead and take care of my health.

I want to work on my marketing skills. I can do this by:
Ordering new business cards and postcards.
Work on mailing list and strive for 200+ names.
Research the costs of prints/cards of my artwork.
Blogging once a week.
Creating a website.

I have listed 29 goals that I will strive to check off in hopes to get more that half this coming year.

I want to thank everyone who visited my blog this past year. Your support and comments are invaluable to me. 

I wish everyone success in their goals, lots of studio time and a prosperous New Year!

Best Wishes,



RH Carpenter said...

Happy New Year, Gaylynn. May you fulfill all your 2011 goals, and then some extras just for fun.

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Happy New Year!!!! Just keep remembering that all of your goals are obtainable Gaylynn. Finish one project at a time and keep going .... Best wishes to you and yours.

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