Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My 2010 Accomplishments In Review

It is time for my annual review of the past year. I have looked over the past year and compiled my yearly list. The list of questions I have is approximately 45 total and I have listed the ones that fit this past years accomplishments. As you can see only a third of the questions apply to me this year. Even though I have not answered all 45 I feel I had a pretty good year.

1. How many works did I create?  A career high of 8 finished paintings this year.
2. What trips (local or far away) did I make to nourish my art? 1 trip to Key West
3. What classes/seminars/workshops did I take (business or creative)?  Fluid Acrylic workshop w/Deb Ward and 3 mini workshops @ GCWS meetings.
                                                      4. What did you try that was completely new? Fluid Acrylics

5. Whom did I mentor, teach, or help out? I taught a watercolor class and a drawing class
6. What books or magazines did I read to help my career? I subscribe to Artist Magazine and Watercolor Magazine. On occasion I pick up and read International Artist and Watercolor Artist.
7. How many names did I add to my mailing list? 4 – Mailing lists and 
marketing is where I always need to improve.
8. What did I do to enhance my online presence, such as, a website, FB, Twitter, Linkedin, etc..? I added a FB “Like” page. I posted 52 times this year on my blog.
9. Did I create an Artist Statement/Bio? I updated both - click on "About" at top of page.
                                                      10. What organizations did I join? I renewed my membership to  
Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society.
11. What worthy causes did I support in some way? I donated a painting to the Boys and Girls Club Annual Fund drive.
12. What art events, galleries, museums or art fairs did I visit this year? 1 art event; 2 galleries; 1 museum; 1 art fair
13. What exhibits/shows or contests did I submit to? I entered 3                                                       juried shows. 4 paintings made it into 2 shows.
14. What was the single best thing that happened to your art career in 2010? Being accepted into 2 juried shows; Selling 2 paintings (one being a commission); Teaching 2 classes.

How was your year? 

Happy New Year!
PS I apologize that the page does not line up and flow the way I would like. It does so as I type it out (for the most part) Some day I will figure this out.


Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Congratulations on a full year of accomplishments. You've been a busy girl. Best wishes for the new year.

debwardart said...

Good for you for doing all you can to advance your art career. It's hard to do - you are doing great so just keep up the good work in 2011. All the best!

Gaylynn said...

Thanks Deb and Nancy for your encouragement and cheering me on. I too wish you the best for the New Year!

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