Saturday, March 19, 2011

Onions and March Madness

Onions:  Watercolor  5x7 140lb. Strathmore Paper

The painting of onions is complete. I need to matte and deliver 
to the Boys and Girls Club for their Fundraiser in April. 

I liked the old timey and rustic feel of this scene. I used a limited palette 
of Indigo, Paynes Gray, Winsor and Newton Orange, Sepia and Violet. I am 
not sure that I got the onion skins looking translucent, but I like the way 
the metal looks like rusting metal. I also like the way the wood wall and
shelf turned out.

As for March Madness....
Those who have followed me for awhile know that I am a huge Kentucky fan
and everytime the tournaments come around I get pre-occupied. This year
the Wildcats won their SEC tournament and have made it through
two games of the NCAA tournament. Usually this keeps me from
getting anything done in my studio. I am happy to say that this
year since the beginning of the SEC tournament to today, I
have completed the onions, the two lighthouse exercises and
the little girl with the flower dress is almost complete. I guess the 
timing of the games and UK's wins have been in my favor this year. :-)

Go Big Blue!


Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Wow, you have to be proud of this one. I can almost smell those onions. the fundraiser will be very happy to receive this ... very nice Gaylynn.

Gaylynn said...

Thanks Nancy, I am liking it too. I am thinking I need to do the onions again on a larger scale. I enjoyed the limited palette too.

debwardart said...

Good job - it does have a great old-timey feel to it!

Gaylynn said...

Thanks Deb. There is this one patron of the event that has been biding on my paintings and has yet to obtain one. I had her in mind when I choose the piece. With any luck she will win the bid this year.

RH Carpenter said...

I enjoyed seeing this one come together - it does have an old-timey look to it that works well. And UK is STILL winnin' :)

Gaylynn said...

Thanks Rhonda I framed it in a rustic wood frame. I hope it does well for the Boys and Girls Club. As for the cats...Final Four here we come!

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