Sunday, May 8, 2011

Morocco WIP

My daughter's best friend of 14 years is like a daughter to me. She is graduating May 21st from Elon University with a double major in International Studies with an emphasis in Arab nations and a second major in Journalism. Last summer she went to Morocco for two weeks and took some amazing pictures. She has kindly given me some shots to paint. I liked the clean lines and almost monochromatic scheme. I am sure there is a story as to why this young man is sitting outside the locked door looking so forlorn. I can not remember the type of building it is. I will have to ask before I finish the painting.

It took me a while to draw this "simple" painting. I wanted to make sure the perspective was spot on.  To the left is the first wash of the building.

Next, I whetted the wall down and laid in another wash along with some darks in the  stone. While wet, I pulled some of the paint off to keep those areas light.

When the painting dried, I masked the areas to keep the whites or the stone light.

When the masking fluid dried I began laying in some darks to establish the lines in the stone and some shading on the door.

Next, I wet the door and put down a light gray where the light is reflected on the door. I mixed burnt sienna and madder lake for the doors color. Using a brush with clean water I blended the two areas together.

 I am having fun with this one because it has been quick loose washes so far. My goal is to get it done for a show coming up.


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