Sunday, May 22, 2011

WIP Red Wall

Red Wall WIP   

I was able to get a few minutes in on this painting before taking off for another out of town family event. Last weekend I helped my daughter and son-in-law move to North Carolina and see her best friend that I claim as a daughter (and the photographer of the picture I am painting from). This weekend I witnessed our nephew marry a lovely young lady whom we have adored since they began dating. I am looking forward to staying home for the holiday weekend to be able to accomplish many things around the house. One being time in the studio. I have 7 more days left of school, then a summer (78 days) to work on my to do list.

I took off the masking fluid and painted a few more layers of of the Da Vinci Orange color to the wall. I darkened the doorway with a mix of Sepia and Winsor Newton Burnt Sienna.  I added a layer of Madder Lake to the door to give it a richer burnt red surface. I also mixed Cheap Joe's Coastal Fog and Payne's Gray to create the blue gray areas in the doorway and lights on the door.

I put a base color on the young mans shirt with cobalt; his pants with olive and an ocher on his skin and shoes. I painted a gray on the sidewalk to show shadows.

Next step, beginning the detail of the young man.  Comments welcomed.



Nancy Van Blaricom said...

This is really looking great. You are giving this wall just the right amount of texture. Wow. I bet you are enjoying this one......

Gaylynn said...

Nancy, you are SOOOO right! I am having fun. With regret,I hope to finish it this week. ;-)

debwardart said...

It's coming along great.

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