Friday, July 1, 2011

Oils revisited: Mug and Oranges WIP

When I began painting I learned in oils. When I went to college I took up acrylics then moved to watercolors around 13 years ago. I have not painted with oils for 30+ years (yes I just dated myself). But.....I have been watching Nancy Van Blaricom as she is teaching herself to paint with oils. This has been giving me the urge to get the oils out and see if I can still push the paint around.

I had bought a Windsor&Newton student grade beginner set a year or so ago to show a former student how to use oils when she asked. I have not touched them since. In the set is French Ultramarine, Cad. Red Deep Hue, Cad. Yellow Pale Hue, Veridian Hue, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Umber and Titanium White.

So, today I have the whole day to interruption (beside dogs and laundry). What a better time to get the oils out. I sketched my picture and put it on the canvas board. Using a small brush and the ultramarine I drew on top of the charcoal line. I then made a pale blue using the white and ultramarine. I dipped the brush in turpentine, then the blue mix and washed in the background. I did the same for the purple mug, orange pieces and the table top. I let this dry about an hour.

When I came back to the painting I began putting more paint on to the surface. I mixed on the palette and on the canvas. I am still working out in my head how to put the texture of the orange peal and the orange flesh on the canvas. I think this will be the hardest part.

I am enjoying getting back to my roots and I am looking forward to seeing where it leads me. What I have learned so far is that I need to get better brushes!

Heading back to the easel,


Carol Blackburn said...

nicely done, Gaylynn

RH Carpenter said...

Looks like you haven't forgotten anything in the time you've been away from oils. And glad your hand is well enough to pick up a brush again!

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Gaylynn, thanks so much for mentioning my working in oils (struggling in oils *giggle). You make it look easy. Love the highlights on your mug and your description as you went along. Really nice Gaylynn. It is funny that once you've been away from one medium when you return you seem to have learned and grown more comfortable in the medium. Thanks Gaylynn..... really a great post.

Gaylynn said...

Thanks Ladies, encouragement always welcome.
Rhonda, the hand is doing fine and I am thrilled to pick up the brush again.
Nancy, I told you I had to get back to it because of watching you. What I forgot was that oils can be messy. However, I am having fun. I hope to have the painting finished next week.

debwardart said...

I missed this post somehow - good job on this one - it must be like riding a bike, you never forget!

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